This 11-year-old boy “stayed silent” even though his teacher insulted his to-be family in a homophobic blabbering before the entire class.

Daniel was in the procedure of being adopted by a couple of named Louis and alongwith his husband Josh van Amstel and was eager to tell his teacher when she inquired the class what they were thankful for.

For a child who has gone through five foster families including one failed adoption, Daniel remained silent when his teacher inquired about his family situation with the potential harm he could get into and jeopardize his adoption.

Daniel revealed to the substitute teacher at his school in Salt Lake City that he was “thankful for my dad and dad, my family, my dogs and everybody that I live with now.”

His teacher then questioned back: “Why would you BE happy to be adopted by them?” and added: “Are you going to be gay?” She also told him that: “two men are wrong” and “homosexuality is wrong”.

Fortunately, three 11-year-old girls in his class took a stand for him and also requested the teacher not go any further but she nonetheless continued.

Six months post the incident Daniel has been officially adopted by his dads and was questioned by CBS News about what was he feeling when his teacher was speaking out about her prejudices.

“Honestly, I went red. I didn’t like what she said,” Daniel continued.

“I was very mad,” Daniel further said. “Because it isn’t — it’s not right — nice to insult other families, even if you don’t like them. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.”

With tears Louis van Amstel, who by profession a dancer on “Dancing with the Stars,” revealed to CBS his son’s fear at the prospective results of answering back to her, which he had every right to do.

“So, he also became red at school because of — ‘I don’t want to get this teacher in trouble because if I get in trouble, my parents will not adopt me.’ So, he stayed quiet. The girls stood up for him,” according to Louis.

“Three girls asked her (the teacher) multiple times to stop,” he further continued.

“When she didn’t they went to the principal’s office to complain. I’m proud of those three girls and Daniel’s school for standing up for our family against this bully,” he said, according to Pink News.

About 27,000 people watched Louis’ video and posted messages of support for the family.

“Proud of those three young girls, proud of your son, the school for taking action and lastly, to both of you who are clearly, great dads!” said one Twitter user.

Louis and Josh after adopting Daniel and are thinking about adopting a second son.

“It doesn’t matter what family you have. It just matters if you love them or not. And yes, I do love them,” Daniel revealed to CBS News.