Welcome Meme lovers. Thank you for reaching us again. Are you going through difficult times and want some dose of inspiration and motivation to continue your journey ahead in your life. Well, don’t get stressed. Today, we are feeling extremely grateful and happy that we will help you to overcome these signs and will motivate you to win over the bad thoughts of suicide and continue your life happily.

These Suicide Memes will motivate you to continue your journey in life!

Let’s check out the collection of memes to cheer you up if you are depresseded here.

It’s not suicide!

suicide memes

I called the suicide hotline….

Looks like I am about to break the law

They already know you 😉

1653 depression memes saved in your phone

Suicide Memes

Rushing to turn in an online assignment at the last min.

Saved someone

Suicide Memes

Sprinkling in a ‘hahaha lol’ at the end of every suicide joke

You haven’t seen any suicide memes in a while

“Stay Positive”


Suicide Memes

Go to Work

Kill Meeee

Big Bang Theory

Suicide Memes

Incest are not born, they just become incest

What people think I feel

Sometimes we are broken..

Suicide Memes

Be Confident!

People posting the suicide hotline no.

Suicide Memes

I guess I’ll die another day

Suicide Memes

These memes will bring you insights and comfort during difficult times of your life. The news of suicides making headlines every day tells the ironic and tragic picture of so-called social development. The word suicide is the scary truth of escape from a life that terrifies, frightens, creates fear, and hurts. It is foolish to even think of ending your life for any reason. Even the darkness that seems to disappear one day disappears. Time heals everything, provided you don’t get stuck in your heart, you should accept the change and not limit your world to just one person or thing. Those who commit suicide after giving up on trouble, miss the chance to prove themselves. And those who stand firm in the face of trouble, make trouble a part of the past.

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If you or anyone around you is thinking about committing suicide, try to avoid these bad thoughts and take help from your family members and friends, anyone with whom you feel comfortable. You can even take professional help, it’s completely preventable. It’s your responsibility to share these suicide memes with your friends and near ones to help them overcome this bad thought of suicide. You can share it on your social media platforms including Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and many more platforms. Trust me, these suicide memes are so funny that anyone can not Stop themself from laughing. Get some good dose of laughter and happiness with our suicide memes.

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