Known for their delicious cuisine, temperate climate, and glorious scenery, it’s no wonder that students from across the globe choose Portugal for their place of study. With many of its cities providing instant access to beaches, you can walk amongst the sand and crystal-clear ocean in between learning. If you’re looking to try something different and venture further afield for your education, here are 5 reasons why you should consider studying in Portugal.

5 Reasons to Study in Portugal

Cost of Living

When compared to other parts of Western Europe, Portugal tends to be the cheaper option when it comes to finding a country to study in. If you are choosing an English-taught degree, tuition and fees are reasonably priced. While you will be there to get an education, you need to have some downtime too, so you will be happy to know that students can save up to 50% off the costs of historic sites and museums, however, you will need to have a student ID at hand. There are also plenty of restaurants, cafés, bars, and clubs in the major cities that can help broaden your horizons and engage with people from all walks of life.

Great Education

Portugal is known for its world-class education. When picking a country to study in, you will want to make sure you’re getting the best education possible, so choosing the University of Lisbon is a great choice, not only because has a wide range of degrees to pick from, but it is known as one of the best universities in the world.

Stunning Coastline

With more than 700 miles of coastline to explore, Portugal is a dream country for those who love to be by the ocean. With a huge variety of stunning beaches, fairy-tale cliffs, and untouched Atlantic landscapes, you can take in some of the most breath-taking views that the country has to offer. For those into water sports, you must try out bodyboarding, scuba diving, and yachting.

Glorious Weather

Portugal enjoys a Mediterranean climate, meaning you can expect to see sunny weather all throughout the year. With long and hot summers and short and rainy winters, the sun is never too far away. While we are all aware of the dangers of too much sun exposure, the sun’s UV rays can help you boost your vitamin D, helping to support your immune system and keep you in good health to carry out your studies.

Plenty of Accommodation

If you are spending several years in Portugal to study, it’s crucial that you find accommodation that matches your needs. No one wants to feel uncomfortable, especially if you are studying in a brand-new environment, so you may want to consider checking out a company like Collegiate AC who provide luxury Student Accommodation in Portugal. Collegiate is known for delivering outstanding accommodation which can be found at some of the best university cities in Portugal and Europe.

While studying abroad can be a daunting prospect at first, there are many international studies that choose Portugal for their education. Whether you decide to study in the capital of Lisbon or pick another city for your learning, you are sure to get an excellent level of education, while immersing yourself in a new culture.