Salute to this student living in China! No matter how deeply you love your soul mate, no when can do what our parents do for us and even after taking several birth it will be impossible for us to repay all of those things to our parents. We all are lucky that we have loving parents, some kids miss living the shelter of parenthood. At a certain age the body gives up and that is when our parents expect care from us! And it should be our top responsibility to do it.

Student Takes Paralyzed Father With Him To College To Take Care of Him

Guo Shijun, a student who got admission to one the top university of China talked to the administrator authorities about how bad his condition is. His father once met in a tragic accident in a building after which his whole body got paralyzed and it was impossible for Guo to leave his father so he requested the admin authorities to allow him to keep his father with him. Confirming all this saying was true, the university authorities allowed Guo to have an extra bed in his hostel room where his father can stay and he can easily keep his eyes on him.

Student Takes Paralyzed Father To College With Him So He Can Care For Him While He Studies

Talking about his mother, her responsibility was taken by his grand parents and now it is much easier for Guo to take care of her father as well as he is able to concentrate on his studies also. During lunch break and in between the short break, Guo visits his father to check if everything is fine or not.

Student Takes Paralyzed Father To College With Him

All this was not at all easy but his family was highly supportive in his decision and told him not to worry about the tuition fees. They take care of him. It is hard to live life if you are a single child but as it is said, don’t get serious because life is not meant to be taken seriously.