It has been almost a year since the novel coronavirus first started to appear in our country. The covid-19 pandemic has been devastating throughout the world. To stop covid-19 from spreading rapidly, we must follow the basic norms that include washing our hands regularly, maintaining social distancing norms, and also wearing masks when going outside. The government had put many rules during the previous year to stop the spread of coronavirus. Throughout the pandemic, these rules and guidelines have evolved and changed multiple times. However, if there is something that is still the same, then it is the social distancing memes.

Social Distancing Memes

During the initial days of Covid-19 when most of us were stuck in our homes, these memes have helped us to kill the time and get a boost of laughter. While we engaged ourselves in various indoor activities and hobbies, there were times when it felt like it cannot be any worse.

However, the meme-makers again came to the rescue. They came forward and made some of the best memes. While there were some memes to which most of us perfectly related and then there were some unique ones as well which made us laugh. Many of our friends and family members shared these memes with us through Facebook and Instagram.

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About Social Distancing

Social distancing is a practice to keep greater than usual physical distance (six feet or more) from other people. One should also avoid direct contact with people and objects during virus outbreaks. This is in order to reduce exposure to the virus and to minimize the chance of infection.

Though various memes (like Binod) got attention during these times, the memes on social distancing were very much popular as well. Here are some of the best memes on social distancing that you’ll find on the internet. Feel free to share them with your friends and family.

We hope you find all these social distancing memes to be very entertaining. We also recommend you to try maintaining social distancing in public and always wear a mask when outside.