Restricted mobility due to any compelling reason can become a chief cause of so many hardships. One such difficulty is conducting your necessary day to day activities in your home. Suppose you are elderly or have senior citizens residing in your house who have difficulty moving up and down the stairs or want to be cautious while taking a shower. In that case, there are firms such as Age UK Mobility who have got the solution for you.

Many people suffer from health problems, be it arthritis or arthralgia, while others may have needed some surgery, which has led to setbacks in daily routine, making it extremely difficult to carry out your chores and daily life in general. Fortunately, there are firms that have a wide range of products that can help and this article takes a look at these products and shares buying tips.

Choosing a firm to use

If you suffer from mobility problems and need to choose a firm to install a mobility aid such as a stairlift or walk-in bath, then you need to do some research about each firm.

While cost is naturally one of the deciding factors, something that is equally important is the quality of the product.

Firms such as Age UK Mobility have lots of information on their website to help inform you of all the different products they have available and this can help you when you are in the process of buying such a product. They also have other types of articles that you can read such as this article on the Age UK Mobility website about inspirational older adults.

Keep your Independence

Difficulty and trouble in climbing up and down the stairs is a reasonably common obstacle. In such a scenario, the best option is to install a stairlift. Stairlifts are mounted on your stairs, giving you a chair to sit on for a comfortable and secured use, carrying you up and down the stairs mechanically. There are trusted firms like Age UK Mobility who have for many years now helped numerous people within their households.

Stairlifts come in two basic options; a straight stairlift and a curved stairlift. A straight stairlift can proceed in one direction, meaning that it can only move in a straight line. It’s meant for households that have a single straight flight of stairs. If your house has two successive staircases adjoined by a platform or a curve, you’d want to opt for the curved stairlift. Although the choice of stairlift entirely depends on the user.

Many models of both straight and curved stairlift have been introduced in the market to meet various households’ unique requirements. These stairlifts come with a warranty and undergo meticulous safety testing before they are implemented into your home.

Regain Independence while Bathing

If you want the pleasure of relaxing in a hot bath or enjoying a refreshing shower but can’t due to a mobility problem that you suffer from, there are diverse bathing solutions that you can choose from.

Age UK Mobility and other firms have walk-in showers and baths that are designed in a manner that prioritizes your safety and leisure. No matter your issue, if you want to avoid slipping and falling in your shower area or want to get in and out of your bath without much nuisance, there are multiple solutions that will fit your condition. The walk-in showers and baths aim at getting rid of any inconvenience and paving the way for you to reclaim your bathing area.

The wide range of walk-in baths and showers merge into your bathroom without any distinction. Walk-in baths and showers are provided with built-in powered seats, keeping your safety in mind whilst still looking stylish. They have additional attributes such as non-slip mats, extra width, and temperature-controlled taps and settings to give you a wonderful experience.

The different types of walk-in showers include the Hardraw, which is an entry-level shower solution. The Gordale gives you the extra benefit of personalising your walk-in shower. The Ingleton has toughened glass doors and screens. The Wet Room, which is the ideal choice for those who are looking for wheelchair access. The Shower Pods offer users an enclosed shower.

The different types of walk-in baths available include Victoria, Huron, Mead, Michigan, Ontario, Tahoe, The Como, The Constance, The Garda, and The Geneva models. Each of these baths are luxurious, spacious, and comforting and many of these baths provide you ample room to lie down, and some even come with a removable powered seat giving you extra comfort. These walk-in baths are explicitly crafted to meet you and your bathrooms requirements.

Along with the shower and baths, there are a variety of bathroom accessories to choose from, which take your bathing and showering experience and safety to the next level. These accessories, such as grab rails, give you extra support during entering and exiting the shower and bath. Simultaneously, the shower seat will provide additional stability and endurance to help you bypass the unnecessary bending and the chance of falling while showering.

Your complete peace of mind is guaranteed when you buy a walk-in bath or shower as the walk-in shower cubicles and baths include an all-inclusive warranty of all parts and labour.

Benefits Assured by Using a Trusted Brand

Trusted brands have worked hard to ensure all aspects are met while providing top-notch quality and comfort when a customer chooses to buy a stairlift or walk-in bath. Every product will come with its own set of warranty assuring you peace of mind and prior appointments are scheduled for installations and setups. The complete installation process is carried out under the supervision of a trained mobility adviser who also provides hands-on assistance to avoid bothering you later on. A 365 days customer support is also generally available to customer, solving your queries from A to Z.

There are many firms out there which are committed to helping more people love later life by assisting them to stay independent, safe, and comfortable in their households.