Santa Crawls On The Floor To Make The Christmas Special Of An Autistic Child


Christmas is just a few hours away, and people are already celebrating the vibe. In this festive season, it is impossible to remain sad, because people tend to move on by accepting the fact that what so ever is happening in their life is for their own good and celebrate Christmas eve with their loved ones by exchanging dinners, drinks, gifts, and many more things.

However, Santa Claus is one of the most important parts of Christmas, and it is believed that without a Santa Claus, Christmas is incomplete especially for kids. Talking about kids, there are many kids who are suffering from autism worldwide, and it is our core responsibility to motivate these types of kids that they are not less than anyone else.

Santa Crawls On The Floor To Help Autistic Boy

To make these types of kids happy, and making their Christmas special, the Autism Speak organization has come forward. This organization collects funds to provide the cure and required treatment to kids who are suffering from Autism.

The organization has been organizing special events at the local malls for these types of kids, and recently a 6-year old boy Brayden got this special privilege. The Autism Speak called a caring Santa for this special kid who crawled on the floor so that the child can feel special, and comfortable for being who he is.

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Initially, Brayden was not feeling very much comfortable being surrounded by the crawling Santa but the moment Santa brought out a beautiful snow globe, it brought a big smile to the boy’s face. Without giving a second thought, Santa started to play with him, and both were enjoying their zone of Christmas, and love!

This caring Santa organization is established at 120 different locations and has been making Christmas special for millions of autistic kids for many years. We wish all of you Merry Christmas, spread love, and have fun!

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