Santa Claus is among the favorite fictional character with a fan base in all groups. Children believe that he brings gifts for good children. No one knows precisely when the tradition of Santa Claus started, but people all around the world enjoy his presence. A significant number of people get engrossed in Santa Claus memes post-Christmas. The familiar sight here is the morphing of their favorite person on Santa Claus’s face.

50+ Funny Santa Claus Memes That’ll Surely Make You Laugh This Christmas

This Christmas let’s check out the funniest memes here.

santa claus memes

When You’re Eating

When You Find

When The Store

These Mexicans

Takes Credit

Someone’s Cookies

santa claus memes

Sees You

No Lift

santa claus memes

My Dog’s Favorite

List I Must

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New year Christmas eve is the most beautiful time of the whole year. Christmas trees and colorful lights decoration are commonly seen all around. Spending time with their Christmas evening with friends and family is expected on this day. Light and shimmers touch all the public places like Malls and Streets. Christmas evening is filled with prayers and wishes. Children are curious to know Santa Claus’s story and wait for their gifts. Youngsters like to read Santa Claus Memes to make their time joyful.

There are several Santa Claus memes that you will encounter during the festive season. Generally, the meme targets the fat belly of Santa. The best part is these memes bring the lost smile to the face of all those over-burdened humans who were tired of regular monotonous life.

Christmas comes precisely a week before the New year celebration, and this is the sole reason that the Santa Claus memes stay till then. Santa Claus arriving on his reindeer cart is the typical way we imagine him. A velvety red, loose cloak with red velvet pajamas and a man in snowy white beard, mustache, and hairs with a bundle of gifts is how most of us recall him.

We have also collected the funniest Christmas memes to make you laugh. Do check them out.

Santa Claus memes circulate rapidly pre and post-Christmas. People go to Church on the auspicious day of Christmas to worship Lord Jesus. Christmas evening is incomplete without fruit cakes and berries. Many people like to bake cakes at their home. Food matters a lot on Christmas evening, you can eat anything for your dinner, but the cake is essential.