These 10 Richest Beggars Who Are Probably Richer Than You & I


Searching for Richest Beggars? We all lay a lot of effort in order to earn bread to feed our stomach. People study for years and work day and night in order to lead a happy and healthy life. Still, many of them fail to meet their daily needs and fulfill their expectations. All of us want to earn money and we often search for various methods to make money.

Many of us often wonder which is the best method to earn money? According to you what could be? Corporate Office? Politician? Businessman? Farmer? or anything else. Each one of you might be having a different opinion. However, the profession about which we are going to talk now might give you a shock.

Top 10 Richest Beggars in World

Yes, we are talking about Begging as a Profession to make money. In this present article, we will also give you a glimpse of the life of some Rich Beggars whose luxurious life will surely give you a second thought.

And here goes the list of richest beggars

1) Bharat Jain Richest Beggar who own two apartments in Mumbai

Bharat Jain richest beggar

How much money do you think this man is making? Don’t go on his looks, he is actually an owner of a juice center along with two flats worth Rs. 80 Lakhs. He earns Rs. 75000/- per month through begging. While his additional income is Rs. 10000/- per month from the juice shop.

Bharat Jain started begging for the sake of his children’s career. And now he is building a fortune out of it.

2) Krishna Kumar Gite – Who makes more money than an Engineer

Krishna Kumar Gite rich beggar from india

It takes a lot of effort in studies to become an Engineer and earn around 45000/- per month. However, Krishna Kumar Gite had some other plans to reach that mark. He begs on a daily basis at his favourite spot i.e. CP Tank near Charni Road in Mumbai.

Through his earning from begging, He now owns a flat in Nallasopara and from his earning he makes anywhere in between Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 2000/- per day.

3) Sambhaji Kale Beggar Owner of Two Flats and Land

Next to feature on our list is Sambhaji Kale, who is a proud owner of two flats in Virar Region in Mumbai. Apart from that, he also owns land in Solapur. He resides and begs in the Khar Region of Mumbai. As per the estimate, he is making thousands of rupees in a day through his profession of begging.

4) Sarvatia Devi : A Beggar Paying Rs. 36000 as Annual Insurance Premium

A normal person dreams of Insurance. Many of us can’t even prefer paying Insurance Premium in double digits. However, Sarvatia Devi a beggar from Patna, Bihar is concerned about her future. She is paying Rs. 36000/- per year as her insurance premium.

Besides that, she is also owning a flat near Ashok Cinemas in Patna where she takes a rest after a lot of effort in begging.

5) Ted Williams – A Singer Turned Beggar

Very often we feel that we shall follow our passion. However, there are very few fortunate people who can give up on their actual profession and follow their passion. But, Ted Williams is one such person who gave up on begging to become a singer.

Begging on the streets of Ohio, he used to sing songs. When one of the reporters recorded him and uploaded his video on YouTube. Right now he is a famous singer and is making a lot of money to earn his livelihood.

6) Rongfeng : A Beggar now running a Noodle Shop

Rongfeng rich beggar noodle shop owner

In our lists, we are also including some beggars who invested their money earned from begging in other professions and now they’re no more a beggar. Rongfeng was one such beggar who was extremely poor while begging on the streets of Zhejiang.

Once a lady at the Noodle Shop helped him with the money. Rongfeng established a Noodle Shop from that money and is now one of the most successful food vendors in the region.

7) Simon Wright – A £50,000-a-year beggar

Simon Wright richest beggar in London

Also known as Serial Beggar, Simon Wright has made to news for multiple reasons. He was in the news for making a lot of money through begging. Hence, he was banned from begging on the streets of London. However, he was caught begging again in London’s Leicester Square, weeks after magistrates ordered him to stop operating in the capital.

8) Eisha – A Beggar who left assets worth Millions of Dollars

Eisha 100 year old Richest Beggar

Eisha was a 100-Year-Old Beggar who died while begging on the streets of Saudi Arabia. She got into the limelight after her death when it was found out that she left assets worth millions of rupees. Since she wasn’t having any other source of income. Researchers are assuming that this entire asset was built through the money she made from begging.

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9) Corey – A Beggar who invested money made from Begging to establish himself in other Profession

corey rich beggar in world

It is not necessary that every beggar wants to stay in the profession of begging. Begging is actually not a profession, it is kind of a shame. Realizing the same thing, Corey saved some money from begging. Later on, he utilized this money to start his business of selling newspapers.

People like Corey are ideal for the people who are still stuck into begging and don’t want to lay efforts to earn money.

10) Laxmi Das – Begging since last 55 Years

Carrying a long legacy and experience in Begging, Laxmi Das is begging on the streets of Kolkata since she was the age of 16. She started begging in 1964 and by now she has earned a lot of money through which she can pass her entire life peacefully!

We are not supporting the act of begging through our post. Neither we are defaming the beggars. Our only motive for this post is to expose some of the beggars, who became rich by begging money from normal people like us. We would be awaiting your views on our article. For more such pieces, keep following our articles.

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