This woman on Instagram seems to have adopted Japan’s “rent a girlfriend/boyfriend” trend. She has shaken the Internet by sharing her ‘rate chart’ in a viral video proposing single men to hire her as a rental girlfriend.

Yes, you read it right. A woman from India took to Instagram to post a reel promoting her ‘rent a girlfriend’ services. Her mirror selfie video titled “Single? Willing to go on a date? Rent me for a date!!” has caused a stir online. And that’s not all. She even went ahead outlining her “rate chart for creating memories” in the same reel. She has estimated different services from a ‘chill coffee date’ to ‘weekend getaway’ priced at different rates starting ₹1500 and going up to ₹10,000.

Woman Wants Men to Hire Her as Rental Girlfriend, Shares 'Rate Chart' in Instagram Reel

For unknown reasons, whether sarcasm or a publicity stunt, the Instagram user with the handle name @divya_giri__ has sparked controversy in the online world. Soon, the internet is buzzing with the video going viral on social media with over 4 million views. People are reacting in different ways.

Users in the comment section went on trolling the Instagrammer saying “Girl thinks she’s in Japan!” They are referring to the peculiar phenomenon that is a common concept in the country wherein people ‘rent’ a lover for a fixed length of time. They can hire someone to masquerade as their boyfriend/girlfriend for rental relationships to enjoy each other’s company. However, the Indian users are reacting in such a manner because it is quite an uncommon concept in the country where the lady comes from.

Besides, people even went on to warn fellow users to ‘beware’ of the honey trap. They suspected the action was a scam cautioning that if someone gets caught in the trap, she will ask for lakhs of rupees. The woman has over 12k followers and we wonder what pushed her to take such a step. Perhaps Gen Z can go to any extent to go ‘viral’!