Everything is fair in love! Even farting in front of your partner is completely normal, and there is no need to feel awkward about it. Farting is a normal process done by the body, and it can make you feel embarrassed but recent studies have revealed that farting in front of your partner can make your relationship healthier, and stronger. It is one of those parts of life that you cannot simply avoid. According to the studies, a person farts fourteen times every day, and sometimes it happens accidentally too.

Gary Brown who is a family therapist has revealed that when you pass gas in front of your soulmate, it is a very healthy signature that you both are very much comfortable in front of each other, and this body thing is not going to spoil your moment. He also added that in the beginning, it converts the vibe into an awkward moment but once accepted, people tend to live in a longer relationship.

Not only a longer life but with this habit, you can also have a good sex life with your partner as you both don’t follow any insecurities towards each other. So, we hope that if till now you are feeling uncomfortable about it, you will now communicate with each other regarding this, and make all your awkward moments vanish in the air. Just feel the love, nothing else!