The public rates inexpensive health care and drug usage as the top problems in American society. Party divisions make unauthorized immigration and global warming less significant. The expense of healthcare coverage is seen as a major issue by two-thirds of Americans, while 26% see it as a moderate one. Fewer than a tenth of those polled research papers said that the cost of health care was either a minor or non-existent concern (2%). In the following paragraphs, we’ll go through these difficulties in further depth.

Problems and Challenges of American Society

Who And How Studies The Phenomenon Of Poverty In America And What They Do About It?

Despite being recognized for its political problems today, America also has poverty challenges. Indigence and inequality are the main U.S. human rights problems. Poor people lack basic civil freedoms. And that’s why reading essays on writing bros can give a huge positive impact on society and the educational circle. Well, understudies can learn while traveling and collect knowledge about the main causes of poverty in America essay. An essay on poverty in America can teach students how to resist it.

US poorness is evaluated by comparing income to a necessities level. Below a certain income level, a person is considered poor. The US Census Bureau measures beggary. The official reparation measurement and Supplemental Poverty Measure are used. Now, let’s see how and what are they doing about it:

  • Official Poverty Measure

The Census Bureau compares pre-tax earnings to a 1963 benchmark of three times the cost of a basic diet, modified for family structure. Using income, threshold, and family, OPM may estimate the impoverished population fraction. The CPS Annual Social and Economic Supplement surveys more than 100,000 Americans each year to measure poverty. The nationwide indigence rate for the Office of Personnel Management was 12.7% in 2016. More than 40 million people lived in destitution in the United States in 2013.

  • Supplemental Poverty Measure

The Census Bureau established the Supplemental Poverty Measure in 2010 to better accurately portray social, economic, and political policy situations in the U.S. SPM supplements, but doesn’t replace the official indigence measurement. The major source of national poorness statistics and means-tested service qualification. Official and Supplemental Poverty Measures differ in test instruments, destitution criteria, changes, and threshold adjustments.

Poverty Is One Of The Issues In America Today

In a nation that can afford to do more, these difficulties and poverty are unforgivable. We seek to eradicate human rights violations in the US as a consequence of our findings. Low income also has social and political ramifications in the United States. 37.2 million people were living in bad conditions in 2020. Destitutions increase unemployment and incarceration rates.

Causes Of Poverty In America

Now, let’s see what causes poverty in a successful nation like the United States of America. Although there are numerous factors for it, we’ll cover just a few.

  • Not having enough food and clean water to eat

The absence of food and adequate water is a major contributor to indigence. When you’re weak from hunger and thirst, it’s hard to concentrate on your task. Individuals are also more susceptible to avoidable ailments as a result of this. Now when technology is everywhere, try to utilize free essays and learn how to prevent this situation.

  • Job Shortage

A lack of employment opportunities may contribute to destitution. Several factors might cause this, including violence, and economic downturns. While it is possible to escape the cycle of poverty if there is adequate employment, this isn’t always the case.

Immigration Issues

Immigration is a major component of U.S. Politics that has poisoned migration and border security discussions. Both parties’ fundamentalists have hampered sensible Americans. What’s a sensible idea for US immigration reform? Using Genevieve Wood’s four principles, we may focus on what’s best for all Americans, today and in the future.


Global terrorism is bigger than American terrorism. It’s a source of poverty here. Its government says domestic terrorism, including parents disrupting school board meetings, is the biggest threat. Al-Qaida, ISIS, and other radical Muslim groups want to continue fighting the U.S. after leaving Afghanistan. The Middle East has several similar jihadist groups. Destroying New York City’s subway, bridges, tunnels, electrical system, Capitol building, and other essential infrastructure seems easy.


We believe free essay samples regarding poverty should be accessible to everyone in college. For such an important field, there mustn’t be a price set at all. There is a range of educational possibilities for persons with minimal financial means. You may help youngsters by providing technology or funding their education. Economic stability in the U.S. does not insulate it from poorness, which should wake up society.