When we think of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world, one place that always comes up is the Bahamas. For obvious reasons, the Bahamas have always had a large portion of yearly visitors. Specifically, the blue waters combined with the warm sandy beaches are the main source of revenue there. That being said, the Bahamas also has many other features that make it one of the best places to visit in the world. As we can imagine, some of these places tend to go unnoticed due to the ocean beaches of the Bahamas. Nonetheless, they hold their weight as far as quality and cultural importance are concerned. With all of that being said, here are the top ten places to visit in the Bahamas.

The Top 10 Places To Visit In The Bahamas

1) The Exuma Cays & Sea Park

One of the more well-known hot spots in the Bahamas is the Exuma Cays & Sea Park. As a marine protected area, this place is one of the best to find pristine ocean attractions such as marine life and clear waters. As a local sea park, it has everything a family can enjoy such as private boat tours, snorkeling cruises, and diving cruises as well.

2) Harbour Island

Harbour Island perhaps offers the best combination of historical significance and beautiful attraction. Historically, this island was one of the oldest settlement locations in all of the Bahamas. Its historical significance dates back to the early 1700s. Apart from that, the island offers everything from water sports, calm waters, and flat sands.

3) Grand Bahama

Another tourist hot spot in the Bahamas is the Grand Bahama. This place is situated in the northern part of the islands and is made up of a wide mix of entertainment. The port has cruise ship tours, dining spots, and even shopping spots as well. As opposed to providing a good time on the island itself, the Grand Bahama allows people to enjoy the benefits of the inner city.

4) The Andros Island

As the largest landmass out of all the islands, Andros Island is one of the most diverse places on earth. The waters are home to the third-largest barrier reef on the planet, clear waters, and diverse fishing spots to enjoy. Specifically, fly fishing is one of the main attractions of this place. Other than that water sport, the Andros island also has forests, tourist traveling plans, and local eco-resorts as well. Speaking of which, some of the most amazing Bahamas luxury villas are located on it as well.

5) Treasure Cay Beach

If you haven’t noticed already, amazing beaches are a theme in the Bahamas. That being said, yet another amazing beach can be seen with treasure cay beach. Voted among the best beaches in the world, Treasure Cay is known for its soft sand and deep blue waters.

6) Paradise Island

Also known as Atlantis Paradise Island, this place is also one of the most well-rounded places in all of the Bahamas. That said, it makes a name for itself as being the go-to place for families. With luxury hotels and water park themes all around, there is nothing not to like about paradise island.

7) Ardastra Gardens Conservation Park

Another great mix of local culture and scenery can be found in the Ardastra Gardens Conservation Park. Established in the late 1930s, this place has everything from a zoo with hundreds of animals, great food, and local flora that are some of the most beautiful in the region.

8) Long Island

As we might have imagined from its name, long island is a long stretch of nearly 130 kilometers of the ocean side land. It has a blend of sandy beaches and rough outer terrain unlike any other in the area. Perhaps its most unique feature is that it is home to the deepest saltwater ocean hole on the planet.

9) Green Turtle Cay

Yet another must-visit cay in the Bahamas is the green turtle cay. Perhaps the main difference between this cay and other’s around it is that green turtle offers a sense of peace and tranquility that others simply don’t. On the other hand, there are swimming and snorkeling excursions available that make things more exciting.

10) Bimini

Last but not least, the island of Bimini is special in that it is the closest one to the United States. This means that it has some of the same characteristics of familiar American territory while an added foreign touch. Just like every other spot in the Bahamas, this spot also has everything from water sports, great local food, and other forms of fun.