Perhaps memes are gaining a lot of popularity but most of you are not aware of what does this means. So let us discuss this in detail. Here Perhaps doesn’t mean have dictionary meaning.  In 2006 there was an animated film Barnyard that was attached with the caption “Perhaps”  it refers to an image of a cow named Otis from the film. Beginning in 2017 there was an image named image macro that has been viral on the internet as a subtle way of agreeing on a thing that is morally or legally questionable. The perhaps memes are based on the same scene as Mmmm Cow.

Now let us discuss its origin. In 2006 on 4 August an animated film was released named Barnyard. It was premiered in the United States. There was a scene in which a cow named Otis was teasing a mailman he was dancing around that mailman along with this he is also making wired faces behind his back.

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The Perhaps Memes is usually used to state that something is illegal or it can also be used in the reference to relationships and dating. In simple terms, you can say that it is used to depict that something is true while trying to unveil the other party’s intention.

Now let us discuss how these perhaps memes became viral. On 2007 May 3 a Facebook account named “ funny-looking dog” shared an image of a cow naming Otis. on the same day, they received more than 80 shares and hundreds of likes. So on that day, they published a meme that was four-panel featuring the caption and image “perhaps”

After that post, there were more than 800 shares and 100 reactions.

Then on 5th June 2017, another page posted another meme that was also based on perhaps meme. Then that post gained more than eight thousand upvotes in less than six months.

Since then this is used as the template for countless memes for dating and anime. The format of this meme is used as it was used for the first time.