What the woof! A human dog? Yes, you read it right! Toco is actually a man who ‘became’ a dog. And now, Toco wants to get ‘transformed’ into another animal to fulfill his childhood dream. He even has a YouTube channel ‘I want to be an animal’.

Japanese man who spent $16K to become a ‘dog’ now wants to transform into another animal

A Japanese man gained global fame after he spent around $16k and got himself transformed into a collie dog. The man, known only by his canine alias “Toco,” now hopes to morph into another animal. He says he wants to ‘try’ something from a cat, fox, bear, or panda. In association with Zeppet, a model and sculpture company, Toco had gotten his hyperrealistic ‘dog’ costume designed.

In a recent chat with a Japanese news outlet, Toco expressed that he now wants to live life as a new animal and hinted that he wants to ‘morph’ into some other four-legged creature. He even mentioned that out of the 4 animals he wants to try, two won’t be possible because of logistical reasons. Apparently, Toco is still researching ways to make his limbs look more like a dog but it won’t be possible to be a cat or a fox because they are ‘too small for humans to try’.

Japanese Man Who Transformed Into A Dog Now Wants To Become A 'Panda' Or 'Fox'

On his YouTube channel, the man documented his journey of living a collie life after his costume completion. His videos depict his engagement in dog-like activities including eating dog food and going for walks. He also shares the challenges he faced in mimicking dog movements because of the difference in limb flexibility and bone structure between humans and animals.

The man with an otherwise secret identity states that it is a “happy experience to be able to become something other than himself”. With about 65000 subscribers on YouTube, Toco receives good support from his fans and admirers online.