Covid has gone, well, well that’s what we all thought. But, unfortunately, a new variant known as omicron has popped up and has become a matter of concern for the world. Hats off to us, we find happiness even in the darkest things. At least it’s something good about omicron, the omicron memes. It fascinates me how much internet memes have gotten their popularity. There is no topic untouched with Memes, Even viruses.

50+ Omicron Memes To Make You Laugh During This Pandemic

Let’s check out the funniest memes of the latest corona variant.

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This  Omicron variant was first reported to the world health org (who) from South Africa on 24 Nov 2021. and since the finding of this mutated version of coronavirus there has been a speed increase in the number of covid patients in almost all provinces of South Africa. due to this, on 26 Nov 2021, the world health organization (WHO) designated omicron as a variant of concern. Let me share some interesting information with you guys, did you know the World health organization began naming the covid variant after Greek letters to avoid public confusion and stigma? Yes, the omicron variant was named after the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. Well, In this covid period, we all are searching for something entertaining. Omicron memes are one of the best ways to enjoy yourself and laugh out loud at corona.

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Firstly omicron MEMS started originating on Twitter and then followed by other social media platforms like FacebookTumblr etc. This new variant of coronavirus can spread twice quickly as Delta Variant. First Originated in South Africa, Omicron has spread to almost every country of the world, every country is in preparation to defeat the COVID-19’s new variant, every individual must need to be prepared for the upcoming threat of Coronavirus. But here is a piece of good news according to the world health organization the current set of vaccines seems to be somewhat effective against the new Variant too. Show the best option to beat this new virus and bring our world back to normal is by getting a vaccine shot as soon as possible.

It is our duty and responsibility to keep taking preventive measures like wearing was, maintaining social distance, and using sanitizers more than usual. If you haven’t checked our fantabulous omicron Memes, Check it now and laugh out loud.

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