In the era of body positivity and embracing your natural self, an online adult industry star is earning $20,000 a month showing off her hairy body!

Cherry from Seattle, Washington has stopped shaving her body hair as she claims that her fans pay thousands of dollars to see her ‘natural’ body. The OnlyFans star has earned a good reputation on TikTok and the p*rn industry for refusing to shave her body. She alleges that a fan once paid her $7000 to never shave her armpits and other body part ever again. That’s when she realized the market for hairy girls in the adult industry and decided never to touch a razor again.

OMG! Woman makes $20,000 a Month by Selling Pictures of Her Body Hair

She mentions that as she started posting her videos, her ‘fans’ went on to demand she grow her hair out everywhere on her body. Her unshaven body apparently helps her earn $20,000 a month with which she travels around the world and doesn’t even touch her own money. She promotes this kind of belief under the body positivity claims. She advises girls and women to embrace their natural bodies and stay away from stereotypes regarding body hair removals. Cherry says, as her hair grew so did her bank account. She even boasts about her fans supporting her in all ways. She portrays herself as an example of a “cute hairy girl” on social media and the online adult site.

While many users support her and admire her confidence, she even faces backlash from some of the audiences. People are seen negatively commenting on her videos and a guy had even once ‘tipped’ her $20 to “buy a razor” before unsubscribing from her platform. Cherry admits to having to deal with trolling but she is proud that her fans are mostly supportive and encourage her to keep growing her hair.

When asked about shaving ever again, Cherry looks forward to picking up a razor in the future only if someone pays ‘the right price’ for it!