Former naval officer Dr. Joseph Dituri became a guinea pig for a study wherein he was supposed to spend more than 3 months underwater. Scientists wanted to conduct a study on the impact of living in a pressurized environment underwater on the human body. And, Dituri was chosen to spend over 90 days in a sea lodge in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

Scientists were shocked to find that when the 56-year-old former navy diver came back, he had become 10 years younger! After he spent a record-breaking 3 months in a compact pod underwater, Dituri was found to have turned a decade younger than his biological age. This stunning de-aging was a result of the high-pressure hyperbaric environment that Dituri lived in 30 feet under the surface of the sea. Due to this, he found that his aging process had reversed on a cellular level.

Man spends 93 days under Atlantic Sea, becomes ‘10 years younger’

Vacationing in the high-pressure undersea lodge increased the length of his telomeres – DNA structures located at the end of chromosomes that typically shorten in length with age. The medical assessments revealed that his telomeres became 20% longer than earlier and his body also produced stem cells at a 17 times larger rate than his previous production. Besides, Dituri experienced an enhanced sleep quality while his cholesterol levels also dropped.

The idea behind this experiment was to subject Dr. Dituri to ‘hyperbaric oxygen therapy’ in which patients get to breathe pure oxygen in a high-pressure environment. This therapy is used as a treatment for ‘decompression sickness’ – a potential risk for scuba divers. It is also a therapy used by celebrities like Kardashians and sports stars to reverse their aging process by spending some periods in these pressurized tanks.

Man Spends 93 Days Under Atlantic Sea, Becomes ‘10 Years Younger’

So what were the not-so-positive side effects? Though he de-aged, he also shrank by three-quarters of an inch and cracked a tooth. But these adverse effects were expected. However, Dr. Dituri was found to have enjoyed this vacation which gave him a chance to cut off from outside activity thereby letting him work out and sleep better.

Those days aren’t far when rich-bitch people will be planning to spend a 2-week vacation underwater to relax and experience the benefit of hyperbaric therapy!