In a bizarre incident that went viral on social media, an Indonesian groom discovered that his bride was actually a MAN after dating for a year and being married for 12 days!

Wedding gone wrong! Grooms discovers his wife is a ‘man’ 12 days after marriage in Indonesia

A photo of a happy couple from Indonesia surfaced on the internet when the husband shockingly discovered that his ‘wife’ was a man, two weeks after the ceremony. They had met online and were in a relationship for a year before getting married. But they had never been intimate physically leading to the deceit.

A 26-year-old man from Indonesia, identified as AK, met Adinda Kanza in 2023 on the Internet and they soon entered a relationship. Apparently, whenever they’d meet in person, Adinda would dress up in a traditional Muslim niqab covering her head and entire face. AK interpreted this as a sign of her devoutness to Islam. The pair dated for a year and then decided to get married. Since Adinda claimed that she did not have anyone in her family, the duo got married in an intimate ceremony at AK’s home.

Shocking! Groom Finds His Bride To Be A Man After Few Days Of Marriage, Know What Happened Next

Shortly after the wedding, AK started growing suspicious about his ‘wife’ as she avoided physical intimacy citing periods or health-related reasons. She’d wear the niqab even at home and refuse to socialize with his friends and family, constantly hiding her face from her husband. This avoidance led AK to go on investigating Adinda’s background which led to some shocking revelations. After 12 days of getting married, when AK tracked down her former address, he found out that Adinda’s parents were alive.

Besides, her parents unmasked a shocking truth to him. They revealed that Adinda was actually a ‘man’ named Esh and they were unaware of the couple’s relationship. Esh had started cross-dressing in 2020 and had married AK with the intention of fraud and stealing his family assets. AK was shocked and heartbroken at uncovering the truth.

26-Year-Old Groom Finds His Wife Is 'Man' 12 Days After Marriage In Indonesia

On police investigation, it was found out that Esh had a gentle and female-sounding voice. He dressed and behaved convincingly like a woman, especially during their wedding. This led everyone to believe he was genuinely a woman. Esh has been arrested with the alleged fraud charges and may potentially face a prison sentence of up to 4 years.