Since its release, the movie Bahubali 2 is creating milestones on the Box Office. The Movie was released on 28th April 2017, with 6500 screens in India and 9000 screens across the world. Bahubali 2 already earned 100 Crore on the first day of its release. And then the journey didn’t take a halt.

In Today’s Era, when many other superstars wait for the Festivals and Holidays for releasing their Movie. The courage that SS Rajamouli has shown is worth appreciation. April end is the time when exams are going on in many Colleges and Universities of India.

Till now, at the end of 13th May 2017, Bahubali 2 has collected Rs. 1090 Crore in the Indian Market and over Rs. 240 Crore in the overseas market. This Friday on 12th May when even the newly released movies struggled to make an appearance at the box office. Bahubali 2 collected a whopping 10 Crore amount.

It is expected that the movie will break all the Box Office Records. It is the first Domestic Indian Film to cross the Rs. 400 Crore collection in Hindi Dubbed Version. To get the latest updates on box office collection BOTY is the best platform. Bahubali 2 has already set the benchmark for the other Indian Movies. A record that is tough to reach for other movies in the near future!

Bahubali 2 is all set to cross the Rs. 1300 Crore Mark very soon. But, we all are waiting for it to cross Rs. 1500 Crore. Let’s Hope for the Best!