On April 1 Nitish Kumar government had put a partial prohibition on liquor, 4 days later his government has imposed a total ban on alcohol in towns and cities.

At a cabinet meeting the decision to ban sale and consumption of India Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) in municipal and town council areas with immediate effect was taken, the chief minister told reporters in Patna.


The Nitish Kumar government had already banned on consumption and sales of spiced and country liquor in rural areas on 1st April but the sale of foreign liquor was allowed in cities and towns.

Nitish Kumar said “But, the tremendous response of people particularly women and children against liquor in Patna and other towns in a short period of four days only convinced us that a conducive environment against alcohol has been created in the state and that’s why we decided to go for total ban on liquor after four days only”

A controversy has erupt in recent days with RJD President Lalu Prasad against its stoppage in view of interest of people associated with the trade, Kumar said the state cabinet decided to strictly impose the 1991 guidelines which allows consumption of “Neera” (drink from palm trees before sunrise) but disallows consumption of ‘toddy’ (after sunrise when the palm tree liquid gets fermented and gains alcoholic properties).

According to The 1991 guidelines, consumption and sales of Neera is prohibited within 50 metre of places like education institutions, religious places, hospitals and etc .

The chief minister said ‘toddy’ drink would be barred. while “Neera” would be allowed.