Mumbaikars might have to face a lot of trouble in the upcoming week. As per the announcement of BMC, the water pressure will be low across the city between 7th to 13th December. The reason responsible for this is the ongoing repair work in the Thane Water Filtration Plant.

It is noteworthy that the filtration plant in Thane is the main source of water supply for the entire Mumbai. But, due to unavoidable circumstances, BMC will reduce the supply of water.

As per the statement from BMC, there are some breaches in the Pneumatic Grate System of the Filtration Plant. In order to resolve the issues, BMC planned for repair work in between 3rd to 9th December. However, leading to unavoidable circumstances it was further postponed to 7th to 13th December.

BMC has also requested people to bear with it. They have also suggested people store water enough a day before. Hence, people will be able to meet the water crisis or shortage if arises during the period.

We urge you to share this update with all Mumbaikars! So, they can withstand the water cut across the city.