The cases of COVID19 are spreading across the entire Mumbai at an alarming rate. Due to this, BMC and Maharashtra Government are carrying out multiple measures in order to combat the number of corona cases. However, it seems that despite all these measures, cases are increasing rapidly.

It was just yesterday when BMC announced that Police Will Seize Your Vehicle if You Travel 2-km Radius in Mumbai Without Reason! But the rapid increase in cases needs more attention from the authority. Even the authority is coming up with the new ideas in their Fight Against Corona.

What is the new idea Maharashtra Government is implementing to combat COVID19?

Mumbai Seals Borders With Major Suburbs to Combat Spread of COVID19

According to the reports, Mumbai is now going to lose its connectivity with the major suburbs. It depicts that Mumbai Police will close down all the approach roads that connect Mumbai with the suburbs. This move is coming into place to control the spread of COVID19 in the suburbs.

This move is coming into place because These Suburbs in Mumbai Are Witnessing 200% Monthly Growth in COVID19 Cases! Now, in order to control the spread in suburbs, Mumbai is sealing the borders.

It is not the first time that the Maharashtra Government is taking a tough call. In the past week, this has happened several times so as to ensure that the growth of corona cases gets low.

Lockdown in Navi Mumbai is already in place for the same cause.

But it seems that Corona is not in a mood to take a pause.

Hope the situation, soon gets under control,

We all Mumbaikars are waiting down to roll.