Monday was the first day for the 2-km rule in Mumbai. According to that rule, any person who travels beyond the radius of 2-km, their vehicle will get seized. The only condition when police will not seize your vehicles is when you’re traveling for a medical emergency or to get essential goods.

For all those peoples who think that rules are made to be broken, this is probably not the one. On the very first day, this rule came into effect, Mumbai Police seized over 16000 vehicles in a single day. All these vehicles are of the people who were wandering in the city, 2-km beyond the radius of their house.

Why this 2-km radius rule came into effect?

While patrolling around the city, Mumbai Police is noticing that people are coming out without any reason. From 1st June, some relaxations were given to the people in the lockdown. However, some people started taking disadvantages of it, resulting in an increase in COVID19 cases.

Now, with this rule into the effect, Mumbai Police can seize your vehicle beyond a 2-km radius of your house. Do you want to save your vehicle from Mumbai Police? – Well, the only way is to stay at home and don’t come out without any valid reason.

It is because of people’s rigorous nature of not following the lockdown norms as a result of which cases are increasing in Mumbai. On Monday itself, Mumbai Police has seized 1601 private cars, 6241 two-wheelers, 295 private taxis as well as 474 auto rickshaws.

Due to this, clashes between police and public is noticed in certain parts of the city. People, clashes won’t help. If you follow all the rules, that will help you, your family members, and society as a whole.