Coronavirus has reduced the speed of many things and operations in the country. At one point, we were claiming to be the most powerful civilization on the planet. And now a small virus that is not even visible with the naked eye, has brought our world to a stand-still. Airline operations are also not an exception that was stopped to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Although, we cannot stop our functioning for long, for the survival of our civilization. Hence, the government has already started giving relaxations in the lockdown. From 25th May onwards, flights were doing a to and fro journey from Mumbai Airport.

But, that number was limited to only 25 services each per day! However, because of frequent need, the government is increasing the frequency of flights from Mumbai. From today, 16th June Mumbai International Airport Ltd (MIAL) will witness 100 daily departures & arrivals!

In a press statement, Mumbai Airport states,

“MIAL is permitted to cater to a total of 100 domestic commercial passenger flight movements which include 50 departures and 50 arrivals.”

This is double the of what it is operating now. It is noteworthy that before the COVID19 crisis, Mumbai Airport was having more than 1000 departures & arrivals. Making it the second busiest aerodrome in the country!

There will also be an increase in the sectors of air operations! It is quite noteworthy that Mumbai is the economical capital of the country. But due to flight operations, the spread of COVID19 virus in the proximity of the airport is much higher.

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