Mens Long Hairstyles We All Want to Try

For several past decades, mens long hairstyles were considered haircuts for gods and skate boarders. However, things are rapidly changing and nowadays common men with long hair rock these hairstyles. More and more men are wearing long hairstyles and it has now become a norm. From chin length hairstyles to locks that cascade to the lower back, long hairstyles for men are adaptable and fashionable.

Whether it is worn parted or styled to the back, long hair can be rocked for both casual and formal occasions. However, with a lot of options on how to style your long hair, choosing the best way to style yours can be daunting. Here we show you some of the modern ways to style mens long hairstyles. Go through these styles and choose your favourite style.

1) Slick Back

This is an ideal hairstyle for me with mid-long hair. It is ridiculously effortless to create and maintain as well. It is an alternative style if you don’t want to wear a pony or a bun. It looks great when worn with a streetwear as well as with a suit. For the men with fine hair, a high-glow look is ideal and can be recreated by using your fingers through your clean locks using moist holding gel. And for men with textured or curly hair, they can also wear this style by sweeping the hair at the front back using a mousse for a firm hold. The curls can be left in one place or messy for a more worn-out look.

2) Ponytail.

This list of mens long hairstyles cannot be complete without having a ponytail in our list. It is an ideal hairstyle for both casual and formal events. The hairstyle is styled by sweeping the hair back using a serum to get a maximum glow and hold. You can leave the natural part untouched or pull hair back for a subtly more disconnected appeal. To stop this style from appearing too conservative, allow some strands to fall freely in the front or tuck them behind the ears.

3) Long Textured Waves

This mens long hairstyle is all about dimension and texture. Made famous by Harry Styles, the haircut incorporates a deconstructed pompadour and waves made of medium texture. This haircut can be rocked by men with any face shape but greatly rocks those with layered cut and some depth.

To recreate this haircut, use a styling mousse to clean moist hair, and scrunch it with your fingers and leave it to dry. Once all the moisture is evaporated, backcomb the tresses at the front and then set your hair using flexible hairspray. With a youthful look and playboy vitality, this is the best hairstyle for you.

4) Man Bun.

This is modern look and it is not going anywhere soon. Man buns are ridiculously versatile mens long hairstyles and can be customised to fit any face shape. to style your man bun, start by finger combing your hair and then hold it with a tie, but let some strands to fall freely to give the style a more relaxed appeal.

Depending on the length of your manes, you can wear your man bun high or low. While most guys like wearing the man bun just below the crown, a more loose and relaxed man bun is more flattering.

5) Long Hair with A Part.

Including a crisp part in the long bun can be incredibly striking. Centre parting is a great way to style your hair if it is asymmetrical or straight. To get a neat straight part, use a fine-toothed brush on your clean hair and then create a clean line starting at the centre of your headline to the back.

Then run your fingers through the trimmings of your hair with serum. However, if you have fine hair, a side part could be the best thing for you. To recreate a side part, sweep large portions of your manes to either side and apply a holding spray to make the hair stay in place. Ultimately, this look is best worn rocked with some movement.

6) Long Braids.

This is one of the boldest mens long hairstyles you should choose if you need a bolder impression. Braids make an impressive impact. They are quite stylish and highly versatile and can be incorporated in any hairstyle.