We have been living in a visual age since television became accessible to the majority of people sometime after World War II.  When it comes to what attracts men to women, both sexes think that the visual is numero uno by far.  In this article, we’ll discuss a number of non-visual things that men like about women.  We think that you’ll be surprised, amazed, and glad to know.

Men Want Real Women  1) Obsessions

Men are really attracted to women who know what they like but are not obsessed about them.  Obsession breeds nagging and nagging is possibly the worst turn off a woman can toss at a man.  Who nags more than mom?

So, your woman likes a neat house but won’t rag on about a shirt left draped over a chair.  The key is that you take the shirt and move it to the laundry area, not her.  If the shirt got there because you were too tired to deal with it last night, deal with it first thing in the morning.  And don’t feign being too tired to deal with a shirt and then expect sex in bed.

A little bit of clutter in the house is a turn on while a lot of clutter will make him want to straighten up the place or get as far away from the place as he can.  This is one of the finest of fine lines: you reach the point of needing a straightening up with perhaps one more item out of place.

Until you reach that point, having a few things out of place and not being bothered by them is a lot bigger attraction than having everything neatly put in its very own place.

2) Women Like a Gambler

A gambler is a risk taker.  Women prefer risk takers over guys who let it ride.  One way that men take risks is by playing casino games.  A little online pokies action is fine as long as it doesn’t reach the level of an obsession.  You see, obsessions work both ways.  For a woman, being able to play online games with her guy is a big turn on and, for the guy, having a woman who likes pokies is similarly a big turn on.

3) She Takes Care of Herself

Billy Joel extolled the virtues of the physically fit woman way back in the 1970’s.  Taking care of yourself does not mean going the whole Jane Fonda route.  In case you didn’t know, Jane Fonda was bulimic back in the 1960’s.  She traded in her eating disorder for a training disorder.  This is the opposite of taking care of yourself. 

Men like a woman who doesn’t take a second piece of cake—in the name of staying fit— but is not afraid to take and share a first piece of cake.  Men like a woman who walks in the morning, runs once or twice a week, and never talks at length about it.  She likes when you to walk with her but never pushes the issue.

Men who enjoy the outdoors, like women who also like the outdoors.  He might enjoy hiking in a national or regional park.  This is not the same as a difficult hike where you need the best shoes and all the equipment for rugged outdoor living.  It means a walk in nature.  He’ll love you if you simply join him out in the forest and really enjoy it rather than faking that you enjoy it.

4) The Era of Tallness

Both men and women are a lot taller than they were a few hundred years ago.  It may not be fair to many women but men like tall women.  They also like a woman whose figure is not movie star perfect.  For a woman to be tall but not skinny is a great attraction for men.

5) Secure in Her Own Body

A woman will be very attractive if she exudes self-confidence with her body and her looks.  There are many women who don’t turn heads at first glance but become very attractive to men after men have come to know them.  This happens in an office environment all the time.

Men like a woman who dresses nicely but not provocatively.  They like a woman who smiles freely.  They like women who have a good sense of humor.  Being nice—that hoary old “she has a nice personality” syndrome—is actually a very real turn on for men.  After a man “falls in love” with a beautiful woman, he feels very let down when she seems to be empty aside from her knock-out looks.

In the long run, nice is a much more attractive quality than great looks.

6) She Likes to Cook

Well, yeah, a man likes a woman who likes to cook for him.  He also likes a woman who lets him cook for her.  A man likes a woman who will cook and then won’t talk on and on about how she found the perfect recipe and travelled across town to get a few grams of the vital ingredient without which the entire meal would have failed.

These days, men still like to be spoiled but spoiling them is much further down the list of turn ons than it once was.

A man finds a woman attractive if she just accepts an invitation for dinner at his place and shows up with just a bottle of wine and leaves her culinary opinions at home.  Unless he has totally screwed up and produced a meal that is inedible, she’ll eat it happily and compliment him on his cooking and then she’ll move on with the rest of the evening.

7) Quirkiness

Men like quirky women.  If anything stands out in this article, it is that men like the quirks a woman brings to the relationship as long as they remain quirks and don’t ineluctably segue into obsessions. 

One of the most difficult periods most women go through is the aging process in their bodies and especially in their faces.  In the modern era, some young men are attracted to older women but for the most part young men look for young women.  It is thus natural for women to worry about their looks as they age.

This may be the most important thing for women to remember and accept: men find older women attractive.  In fact, a lot of men find a woman’s looks as she gets older as one of the attractive quirks she brings to a relationship.


Men want a lot more than looks and body in a woman.  They might see only looks and body at first but that attraction wears off quickly.   The rest of a woman’s personhood is what’s left and men evaluate women based on that rather than on just her looks and body.