Meet The Cute Dog That Was Specially Trained To Response To Harry Potter Spells

He's the cutest Hogwarts students ever

Dog training is necessary for every dog to live in a society. It is an unskippable step for every dog owner. Most of the times, the dog owners are successful in getting their pets to listen to them. However, some dog owners are not afraid of challenges and want to try something of next level.

Taking an example of local YouTuber from Los Angeles, Anna Brisbin, started teaching her dog not only in English but in spells of Harry Potter. Reportedly, Anna became an actress inspiring from this franchise and she is a huge fan of Harry Potter.

She started training her pup when it was only two months old. Her dog knows nine different spells from the wizardry world of Harry Potter. She urges every other fellow Harry Potter fan to try the same thing with their pups.

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