A trip to Thailand is complete if you’ve had a traditional Thai massage or spa. Also, with so many salons to choose from, locals are curious to find out where the greatest one is.

Here is the definitive guide to the top massage and spas in the Land of Smiles, covering everything from traditional Thai Massage and Reflexology treatments to Herbal Compresses and even Onsen.

List of the Best Massage Parlors in Thailand

Here is a quick summary of the massage parlors on this list!

1) One More Thai Massage and Spa

One More Thai Massage and Spa

After a hard day, nothing beats relaxing at One More Thai Massage and Spa. Get your stress relieved by experts within a minute’s walk from Chit Lom Station’s exit; they’ll help you forget about all the time you spent in the mall. Less than RM50 will get you an authentic Thai massage that lasts for a full hour.

2) Let’s Relax Onsen Spa Thonglor

Let’s Relax Onsen Spa Thonglor

Still, waiting to take that trip to Japan? Don’t fear, for Bangkok is home to many relaxing onsens. The RM84 onsen admission fee at Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa in Thonglor is just the beginning of the relaxation and pampering you’ll receive at this Japanese spa. Let’s Relax Onsen & Spa has onsen and massage packages starting at just RM150 if you want to indulge more.

3) Let’s Relax Spa Treatment at Central World

Here are some reasons why Let’s Relax Spa is often considered among Bangkok’s best spa deals. It only costs RM74 for an hour of foot massage and RM86 for an hour of back and shoulder massage. Just picture yourself going through Bangkok’s most popular malls all day, buying everything in sight, and then discovering this hidden gem. You should reserve a spot at Let’s Relax Spa before visiting this renowned spa in Bangkok.

4) Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Yunomori Onsen & Spa is the first of its type in the Land of Smiles, including a luxurious decor and a range of massage, spa, and onsen treatments from Thailand and Japan. Yunomori is home to several hot spring spas, including a pool filled with effervescent soda water, an onsen pool, and a jet pool.

Additionally, the onsen pool uses constantly heated water to 43 degrees Celsius and is sourced from the Wat Wangkanai springs, which are renowned for the therapeutic qualities of their hot waters. In addition to relieving muscle aches and pains, an onsen bath is also claimed to calm the mind and spirit.

5) Oasis Spa

Oasis Spa bangkok thailand

Oasis Spa in Bangkok’s Phra Nakhon neighborhood provides a relaxing escape from the city with its blend of traditional Thai massage and cutting-edge spa treatments in a conventional Lanna-style (architecture from Northern Thailand that is characterized by its extensive use of Teak wood) environment.

Oasis Spa opened in 2003 in Chiang Mai and quickly became the most popular spa in Thailand, eventually expanding to 5 locations across the country, including 2 in Bangkok. Oasis Four Hands (a massage performed by two therapists to provide double the outcomes) and Siamese Therapeutic Wisdom are highly recommended therapies.

6) Perception of Blind Massage Experience in Bangkok

Perception of Blind Massage Experience in Bangkok

In Bangkok, at the Perception Blind Massage Experience, you can have a variety of massages and other body treatments performed by therapists who are blind. In other words, the therapists only concentrate on providing you with a unique massage experience through touch. Every service is performed in a soothing environment with low lighting, and the rates are surprisingly cheap.

7) Pasithea Ultimate Relaxation Spa

Pasithea Ultimate Relaxation Spa

At Pasithea, you may relax in rooms softly perfumed with aromatic oils while professional masseuses work their magic to ease stress. That’s not even the best part! At Pasithea, you can have a traditional Thai massage for only RM56 for an hour!

Other fruity alternatives include a Mango Twist Body Scrub and an Organic Coconut Hot Oil Massage, all of which can be had for the low price of rm129 at Pasithea.

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8) Makkha Health and Spa Experience

Makkha Health and Spa Experience

The massage therapists at Makkha Health and Spa Experience in the Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park Bangkok are some of the best in the world. You may relax knowing that you are receiving top-notch care.

As part of the Thai culture’s emphasis on cleanliness, your therapist will wash your feet before beginning therapy. Before your massage, help yourself to a complimentary drink and snack, and after that, dig into a complimentary plate of sticky mango rice.

9) Treasure Spa Experience

Treasure Spa Experience thailand

Treasure Spa is renowned as one of the best luxury spas in the city, thanks to its sophisticated decor and aromatic essential oil treatments. Located in the middle of Siam Square, this spa offers a 1-hour foot bath and neck and shoulder massage for only rm75 as part of their current promotion, the Harmony Balance. It’s just what your tired body needs after a day of shopping. You and your partner are going on a trip to Bangkok. Choose the Champagne & Rose Couples Massage in a Romantic Bath Suite!

10) Divana Spa

Divana Spa thailand

Spa and massage services in Bangkok range from decently priced to extremely high-end. Divana Spa, however, has the potential to defy such assumptions. They aren’t the cheapest spa in Bangkok, but you’ll get excellent service for the price. There are currently five locations across Bangkok, each offering various services in a tasteful and relaxing Thai-style home. Guests at what is widely considered to be Bangkok’s finest high-end spa can look forward to receiving first-rate care using only the finest ingredients.


Hence, you now have it! When you need some time to unwind in Thailand, head to one of these top spas and massage studios. Make sure to choose the best massage parlor and have a gala time during your vacations.