Picture this: you’re having your honeymoon dinner in Paris with your wife and Mia Khalifa passes by! How would you react?

Well, a honeymoon is supposedly the most romantic vacation you plan to spend time with your partner as newlyweds at an exotic location. And Paris honeymoons have got something in them! All the brides-to-be dream of a holiday in Paris with their beau sipping wine and having luxe dinner at some fancy hotel.

Man buys wife expensive gift to apologise after recognising Mia Khalifa on their honeymoon

Lya Mariella, a TikTok influencer, was also having the best time of her life while on a Paris honeymoon with his husband. But the tables were turned when something unexpected happened! Her husband spotted one of the most popular ex-adult stars of all time, Mia Khalifa, in their hotel. And, in no time, the man’s head had been turned by the famous celebrity as he started ‘texting all of his guy friends’ after getting ‘way too excited’!

Mariella got too upset with this, obviously, and decided to make him remember this all his life. The influencer went on to upload a video on TikTok showing herself sipping wine while her husband was on his phone texting his buddies. She seemingly taught him a lesson as he had to ‘gift’ her a Birkin bag costing around £5,000 to ‘apologise’!

Man bought wife a gift to apologise for recognising Mia Khalifa in their hotel

The entire situation went viral on the social media platform as Mariella’s video attracted over 4 million views and thousands of comments. The video even got the attention of Mia Khalifa herself as she went on to comment, “Good, he owes you a Birkin.” Mariella even replied to her comment with, “I’m currently at Hermes across the street” after which they met and recorded a follow-up video.

Husband Apologizes to Wife with Birkin After Recognizing Mia Khalifa at Dinner

Lya Mariella was showing off her bag in the other video while Mia Khalifa, her Birkin bag’s godmother, jokingly said, “Lya’s husband is the one filming this right now!” Mariella and Khalifa seemed to have become ‘new besties’ on TikTok as they were commenting on each other b**ching about the situation.

Guy buys wife present to grovel after recognising Mia Khalifa in their hotel

Thankfully, the man had the Uno reverse card to play gifting her a Birkin otherwise his wife would have probably divorced him!