This British blogger spent about £150,000 to travel all over 75,000 miles kilometres to about 90 countries to discover the world’s filthiest public toilet. But the question is did he end up finding it?

The answer is yes, Graham Askey, who is around 58 years old, trekked all over the world to discover the worst toilet in the entire world. He travelled to about 91 countries and found the “perfect hell hole”, a ramshackle tent with walls that double as loo roll, in the country of Tajikistan.

Here the “world’s worst public toilet” is situated in the Ayni region of the country Tajikistan, on the western edge of the Pamirs and not a much distance from the Afghanistan border. Graham informed that the toilet was so disgusting that those forced to use it must stoop over sun-dried poop.

He also informed that the “most repellent thing of all” is that walls are built of fabric and are eventually applied as shared toilet paper. He further said that some ‘wall’ sections have been falling apart and lying on the cubicle floor. There also exists a chance of encountering deadly snakes and fearless rats who have all built their homes in the rocks situated beside.

He also travelled to many of public toilets on six continents before finally designating the Tajikstan loo as the worst. He has included 36 of the “crappiest crappers” he found in his new book ‘Toilets of the Wild Frontier. The other public loos situated in the different countries that occupied a place in his “crap list” is a sink in the country Bangladesh and a bath containing “litres of number ones and twos” in the country China.

Now we all are thinking what made this man go on such a weird and disgusting journey to discover the world’s worst toilet? His different fascination for public lavatories – and especially their poor construction started on his first overseas holiday to the country Morocco.

He thought the outside of the most disgusting loos he travelled around the world. He decided to let go of his audience from the “vomit-inducing” content inside his video. “Make no mistake that every ‘entry’ on my list is gross beyond words. Some may look OK but believe me – and I know – they’re the most inhospitable places on earth, and to spend a single minute inside any of them would be unthinkable except in the direst of circumstances,” he said to Mirror.

He further said, “Every one of them would appear to attract members of the public who have yet to master the basic art of ‘aiming’. After my many travels, I thought I’d seen it all, what with sh*tters on stilts, sinks seemingly full of wee and bathtubs being used as makeshift bogs.”, “But having enjoyed some of the filthiest bathroom facilities to be found anywhere on the planet, the toilet in Tajikistan has to be the worst in the world – it is the perfect hell hole. With no toilet paper available, the builders have conveniently built it with a fabric covering to offer to wipe functionality – and it looks like the locals have made full use of it!”

Graham went on to say, “While readers will undoubtedly find these woeful public toilets hilarious, it must be understood that they represent a significant and largely unnecessary health risk, which can be reduced substantially by supporting charities like ActionAid and World Toilet Day.”