A recent post on social media went viral quite quickly sparking a fiery debate among the users. The post is of a man who apparently refused to offer his seat to a pregnant woman on a bus. The reason he stated for doing so has blown up people’s minds on the Internet.

Man Refuses to Give Seat to Pregnant Woman Because ‘He Works Long Hours’

A man recently took to the Reddit subforum ‘Am I The A**hole?’ to talk about his experience on a public transport bus. He went on to mention how he refrained from giving up his seat to a heavily pregnant woman as he ‘had a long day’ at work. People in the comment section argued about his choices and way of expressing his thoughts which sparked a viral debate on social media. In the post. he described his 10-hour working shift where he is ‘on his feet’ all day. But what upset the users was the way he talked about the lady and the entire episode.

Though he mentioned that he wasn’t ‘rude or anything’ with the lady, he seems to be quite disrespectful towards her. He seemed to be so frustrated with everything that he even talked about how the lady ‘could have adopted birth control or abortion’ rather than expecting people (like him) to understand her situation and give up a seat for her!

man refused to give up his seat for a pregnant woman because his 'feet hurt from having a long day at work'

If that was not it, he even talked about how ‘an elderly man offered his seat to the lady’ but somehow, both the old man and the pregnant woman fell down as the bus slammed the brakes. We all understand that this could have been a serious accident if the old man had gotten hurt or the woman would’ve lost her child. But all this man cared about was that his ‘feet were sore and hurting’.

The man received quite a loud and clear backlash both from his family and the audience on Reddit as he shared his thoughts regarding why the lady shouldn’t have decided to have a baby if she couldn’t afford a car! He seemed selfish and heartless when he said that becoming a single pregnant mom was “her personal choice and she can’t expect other people to accommodate her life choices”.

Reddit users did call him an a**hole as he wondered why the pregnant lady not getting a seat on the bus was his problem. Some even taunted him for occupying a seat reserved for elderly and pregnant women. We wonder if he still got the answer to his argument that “I was tired and had a long day, and I don’t know why we need to keep perpetuating the idea that breeding somehow means you’re entitled to people’s seats.”