Arthur O. Urso, who is a model by profession, grabbed the limelight a year ago post he tied the knot with his nine wives in a tribute to “celebrate free love” and “fight against monogamy.

Urso together with his very first wife, named Luana Kazaki, officialised their togetherness with the eight other women at a Catholic church located in São Paulo, though it was not allowed legally and polygamy is illegal in Brazil. As of today, it turns out that the ship is not sailing peacefully, as he has trouble keeping the relationship alive, with one wife who already divorced the tribe.

The problems appear to be increasing for Urso, who has now confessed he as of today has relationships with only four of his nine previous wives. Urso said one of them left immediately after their grand marriage ceremony back in the year 2021, and now he’s all set to part ways with four. Although, he, the locals were not quite happy with his decision of he and his wives moved in and started teasing them.

Man married nine women

“We were all worried, of course. Afraid at first. But we sat down and talked to understand the problem. We lived well, with some minor disagreements, but nothing unusual in the life of couples until then,” he was quoted as saying. Additionally, the people’s response was too much pressure, eventually damaging a few of Urso’s relationships and paving the way to separation.

He also revealed that pity discussions landed started happening more frequently and they ultimately led them to mutually agree to separate. He said it all stopped off, with each one disclosing their true feelings. Arthur is today in the hope to come across new companions in the future. He also said he is unaware of when it might happen or if he was going to tie the knot again, but he still wanted more women.

Man married nine women

He additionally said that he has a massive house alongwith a giant bed that is also to be taken care of. Arthur holds an OnlyFans account where he earns about £50,000 a month. He also owns an Instagram account with about 1.8 lakh followers, where he uploads videos and pictures of his women, and also imparts sex tips.