There is no need to turn yourself into a vengeful person to experience great satisfaction from the results witnessed by an Illinois man who had a disgusting habit of flying a drone to instigate his neighbour’s dog continuously. The man flew the drone always over and above the shared eight-foot privacy fence and that was too close enough to almost hit the dog. The dog used to be troubled by it, particularly after various experiences with the man making it intentionally dive low to a position just over the dog’s head, pulling out of the dive and then circling and doing a similar manoeuvre multiple times.

The dog’s guardian revealed that for months now post getting the drone, this neighbour “insisted on flying like the biggest jerk possible” and the explanation is perfect. Additionally, to not only go after the dog over and over, he would intentionally position his drone right in front of other people’s houses, which also took into account their windows, and also race cars down the road.

Dog playing with Drone

Even though the dog’s guardian requested him not to fly it into his yard, revealing that it was scaring the dog, the neighbour’s only reply was to tell him to go away and to make fun of him. Although the guardian contacted the police, they were not able or refused to do more than ask the man not to fly over his neighbour’s house and yard. This would have never come to an end if the dog hadn’t taken the situation into his mouth.

On one such day, when the drone was flying over his head, the dog (a 70-pound Malamute) precisely caught the drone and destroyed it. It might have been a powerful machine, but a dog’s jaws can without any effort destroy a drone into pieces, particularly with the appropriate motivational factors of fear, annoyance and frustration. The owner of the drone was not quite happy.

Dog playing with Drone

The drone owner resorted to two methods. First, he came to his neighbour’s place, ragging with anger and threatening the dog’s guardian. The next was, he gave the dog’s guardian a summons to appear in small claims court. His claims were $900 to replace the drone and $300 for not being permitted access to what was left of his drone for quite several hours.

Suing the dog’s guardian turned out to be a boon for the owner of the drone. The judge did not allow claims that the dog’s guardian had intentionally trained his dog to destroy the drone. Additionally, the dog’s guardian demanded legal advice and countersued the drone owner for the costs of veterinary care for his dog. The guardian provided receipts along with videos documenting the months of frustration his dog bore being followed by a drone in his yard.

Additionally, the drone owner has to pay approximately $2000 to the dog guardian, he is being further looked into by the FAA for several infractions.