We have all heard about couples hiding their love story from their parents and running away to get married. But in a bizarre incident from Bihar, a ‘tedhi medhi’ love story was discovered between a widower and his mother-in-law!

In a more dramatic incident than any daily soap, a man from Heer Moti village in Bihar had a love affair with his mother-in-law and they literally got married with his father-in-law’s approval! After the death of his wife, Sikandar Yadav, a father of two, moved in with his in-laws but later on his FIL Dileshwar Darve would have realized that it wasn’t a great idea. Yadav, 45 soon fell in love with his MIL Geeta Devi. The lady also, at 55, did not refrain from developing feelings for his son-in-law. The unique couple then took ‘khullam khulla pyaar karenge’ to the next level!

Years later, when Darve discovered this extraordinary love story, he immediately got involved in the village and the Panchayat in the matter but here comes the twist! Sikandar Yadav openly confessed his love for his mother-in-law and they were later married off with the FIL’s consent. In the unconventional decision of the Panchayat, the full-fledged affair of Sikandar and Geeta Devi was given approval and Geeta Devi’s husband Dileshwar also arranged for their court marriage.

Soon, videos surfaced online and the Bollywood-style ‘ek chutki sindoor’ went viral when Yadav applied sindoor to Geeta Devi’s forehead not once but four times! Strangely, the villagers were also seen supporting this idea in the video as they were cheering for the newlyweds. Dileshwar Darve not only gave his consent happily but also arranged for his wife and SIL’s court marriage later.

We can’t even imagine the complex family that Yadav and his ex-wife’s children will have to see. Love knows no bounds!