Everyone of us fight with some or the other struggle in life. our own battles to win against time and life. But sometimes you see some people who have nothing to start with and yet come out as a winner by working hard all day & night 365 days in their life.

This story is not different but it is very extraordinary. This man had all the reason to quit but never gave up and kept trying and today the world is very glad to have him.

This Man Was Born Without Arms And Legs. Today, He's A Painter, Swimmer & A Motivational Speaker

Meet this 33 year old man Nick Vujicic who was born without legs and arms and when he was just 10 years old he had tried to commit suicide. But today after 23 years he is motivating everyone in this world to face their fait and fear and never give up on their dreams. He says will power is everything and you can achieve anything if you have willpower. Nick Vujicic is A Painter, Sky Diver, Swimmer & A Motivational Speaker and more than that a fighter who has already won the race of life.

Checkout Nick Vujicic’s inspirational story on how rise above your struggles.

Video Credits :- Wagner Santos