Each passing day is turning out to be a nightmare for Maharashtra. Thursday 11th June saw the highest increase in numbers of Corona patients in Maharashtra. Even consistently the death toll is in three-digits. Due to such a huge number of cases coming out in Maharashtra every day, the safety of the people is at stake.

Maharashtra Records Highest Single Day Spike in COVID-19 Numbers; Mumbai reports 1,540 Cases on Thursday

On Thursday, Mumbai is reporting 1540 new patients of COVID19. The total number of cases in the city now stands at 53,985 with 27824 active cases. However, the positive news is that as many as 516 people are discharged today after recovery. Till now, 24,209 people have completely recovered from Coronavirus in Mumbai.

Today, 97 people became victims and lost their life to Corona in the last few days. The death toll in the city now stands at 1925. There is a similar situation prevailing in the entire Maharashtra, which is now the epicenter of corona in India.

Maharashtra witnessed a total of 3607 corona positive cases today. Apart from that, a total of 152 people died because of coronavirus in Maharashtra. This is the highest ever spike of corona cases in the state. The total number of deaths in the state now stands at 3,590.

Out of these 152 deaths, 102 were male and 50 were female. It is quite noteworthy that COVID19 makes more impact on Old-age people. From these 152 deaths, 85 people were above the age of 60 years. While 54 people were between the age group of 40 to 59 years. Only 13 people were less than 40 years of age.

Almost 70.3% of people (107 out of 152) were already having some high-risk diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, or hypertension.

It seems the only way to stay safe from COVID19 now is to stay inside the home and increase your immunity!