Have you ever wanted to start an e-commerce business but felt overwhelmed by the cost and complexity of setting everything up?

With Low Hanging Ecom by Rachel Rofe, you can build a successful online store with minimal effort and investment.

In this article, we will explore how Low Hanging Ecom makes it easy to set up and manage an e-commerce business so that you can get to selling in no time.

Low Hanging System

Who Created Low Hanging System?

Rachel Rofe is the creator of Low Hanging Ecom, a platform that helps ordinary people build successful e-commerce businesses.

Rachel has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years and is the founder of two multi-million dollar companies. She has used her knowledge and experience to create Low Hanging Ecom so that anyone can build an online store without needing expensive website designers or long hours spent learning complex software programs.

With Rachel’s guidance and expertise, building an online store can be made easy and achievable for anyone with ambition.

How does the Print On Demand Business work?

Print on demand is an e-commerce business model that has risen to prominence due to its low start-up cost and minimal risk.

With print on demand, entrepreneurs can create custom products such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, and phone cases without having to buy and store inventory up front.

Customers place orders for your product and the printing is done with a third party vendor who ships directly to the customer.

This allows entrepreneurs to focus on building relationships with customers, creating marketing campaigns, and optimizing the product offering without worrying about shipping or inventory management.

The Problems You Might Encounter With Print on Demand

One of the main problems that entrepreneurs encounter when using print on demand is managing customer expectations.

Since orders are printed and shipped through a third party vendor, there can be delays in delivery or quality issues with the product. That’s why some people choose to do Amazon FBA instead since they have a tried and tested system in place.

Additionally, managing shipping costs can also be tricky since vendors often charge shipping separately, which can sometimes eat into profits.

It’s important to research your vendor before committing to them and make sure they provide good customer service and reliable printing services.

Lastly, entrepreneurs need to factor in the cost of promotional materials, such as marketing emails or social media campaigns, in order to successfully drive sales for their businesses.

How Low Hanging System Works

Dropshipping is a type of e-commerce business model that allows entrepreneurs to sell products without having to invest in inventory or handle shipping.

With dropshipping, products are sent directly from the vendor or manufacturer to the customer.

Entrepreneurs only pay for products when they receive an order from their customer, which eliminates the risk and cost associated with buying large quantities of inventory up front.

Dropshipping also allows entrepreneurs to focus on building relationships with customers and increase sales without worrying about fulfilling orders.

This low start-up cost system has become increasingly popular among entrepreneurs who are looking for an easy way to start selling online.

How Much Does Low Hanging System Cost?

Rachel Rofe’s Low Hanging System is a comprehensive training program that teaches entrepreneurs how to build a successful ecommerce business through dropshipping.

The cost of the program varies depending on which package you choose, but all packages include access to Rachel’s video lessons, training materials, and access to her private Facebook group.

The basic package starts at $497, while the premium package is $1497. All packages come with a 30-day money back guarantee, so it can be a great way for entrepreneurs to start learning about dropshipping without risking too much money upfront.

The pricing can change though so the only real way to know is by checking her official website.

Is Low Hanging System Legit?

Rachel Rofe’s Low Hanging System is a legitimate ecommerce system that offers valuable insights into the dropshipping business model.

Many entrepreneurs have used the program to successfully launch their own ecommerce businesses, and many have had positive experiences with it.

Rachel Rofe is well-known for her expertise in drop shipping and has been featured on multiple authoritative sites such as Forbes and Inc Magazine.

Overall, Rachel Rofe’s Low Hanging System is an effective way to learn about dropshipping and start a successful ecommerce business.

Alternatives to Low Hanging System

Of course Low Hanging System isn’t the only way to start a business online and make money. There are several alternatives to dropshipping, including selling physical products, selling digital products, and becoming an affiliate marketer.

Selling physical products involves having products in stock at your location or through a third-party supplier. Selling digital products can involve creating ebooks, software, or other downloadable items that customers can purchase online.

Lastly, becoming an affiliate marketer means promoting another company’s product in exchange for a commission from their sales. All of these options provide different ways to quickly get started with running your own business.


Overall, Rachel Rofe’s Low Hanging System is a great way to start learning about the dropshipping business model.

With its comprehensive and detailed program, entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights and knowledge they need to launch their own successful ecommerce store.

Additionally, if dropshipping isn’t a good fit for you, there are other alternatives such as selling physical products, digital products, and becoming an affiliate marketer that offer different opportunities for launching your own business.