Have you heard of the saying that miracles can happen to anyone at any time? Well, it’s true! This lottery agent from Kerala won a whopping Rs 1 crore in the Fifty Fifty state lottery conducted by the government. and he didn’t even buy the tickets. When buying a lottery ticket you need to keep your expectations quite low. NK Gangadharan a native of Kozhikode discovered that his luck had struck big numbers and he had the winning ticket. But NK decided not to reveal it until he handed it over to the bank as he was afraid that it would be stolen or robbed.

NK was a bus conductor for 33 years before venturing into the world of lottery as a shop owner four years ago. Ironically, this was the very first time that his shop hit the jackpot in the 4 years he was in this business. In the past four years of becoming a lottery ticket agent, it was a first in his experience that he had struck gold and won the jackpot.

Lottery Agent From Kerala Wins ₹1 Crore Prize With Unsold Ticket

In addition to NK’s massive win, six others who bought the lottery tickets from the same shop walked away with an amount valued at Rs 5,000 each. NK’s shop, aptly named Devika’s Store, is situated near the Atholi Gram Panchayat Office.

In a similar incident, a lottery winner named Arun Kumar Vatakke from Bangalore secured a jaw-dropping prize of Rs 44 crore through the Big Ticket Draw in Abu Dhabi. He initially mistook the good news for a scam and kept disconnecting the call and blocking the number.

Lottery Agent From Kerala Wins ₹1 Crore Prize With Unsold Ticket

Arun shared that he had purchased the winning ticket as part of a “buy two, get one free” offer, and it happened to be the third ticket that led to this miracle.