Apart from being the most planned city, Chandigarh is also known for its modernity and quirkiness. It is a hub of intriguing streets and a variety of eateries which serve all kinds of delicacies. Whether it is the Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake or its immaculate sectors, Chandigarh has a lot to offer to everyone. As a tourist, once you have researched on the various places to stay in Chandigarh, the next thing on the list should be to explore its abundant cafes and eateries—something it is widely known for.  

It is also true that no one knows a city more than its denizens. Hence, we collated a list of the top places to eat in Chandigarh, from a local’s point of view.


  • Baluchi


Amongst all the hotels in Zirakpur and the interiors of Chandigarh, The LaLiT Chandigarh has the best hospitality and quality, as far as food and services are concerned. Known for its North Indian cuisine, they serve the most authentic and delicious dishes one can find. Experimenting with flavours and original recipes, the result is mesmerising and extremely pleasant to the taste buds. Once here, you must try the Rasam and Tandoori Lobster. Chicken Chargha, a Baluchi signature dish, is also widely acclaimed.

the lalit chandigarh


  • Whistling Duck


All good things need effort and this eatery, too, needs some work to locate. Tucked away in the back lanes of a shopping complex, it is hardly visible to a general passer-by. The absence of any signboards only adds to the confusion. But trust me, it is worth the effort and the wait. Once you do find the place, do not miss the South American turnovers, ‘Empanades’, which are stuffed with three-cheese and sundried tomatoes. They are served with burnt garlic and papaya salad, which only adds more variety to the burst of flavours. This place is also famous for its Cajun recipes and you must try the Gyozas and Kotthu Parotta. Once you have tried the karela salad as well, finish the feast with Pecan and Lindt Pie or Apple and Cinnamon Kheer.


  • Virgin Courtyard


With a serene atmosphere and an ethereal quality, this place is truly ideal for relaxing and soothing dinners and lunches. A treat for authentic Italian cuisine lovers, this place is a delight. Whether it is the cobblestoned floor, vintage walls, open-air seating or garden lanterns and patio umbrellas, one simply cannot not fall in love with it. Once here, you must try the Roasted Baby Chicken with Red Wine Jus. There is also a lot to choose from in terms of seafood, from exotic prawns to calamari. The Pork Belly with Bacon Jam or the bacon-wrapped artichokes can take you to a heaven of flavours.


  • Orchid Lounge


The locals who have lived in Chandigarh for a long time still fondly remember Hong Kong in Sector 11, along with the Chinese restaurant at Hotel Shivalik View, in Sector 17. But despite their nostalgia, even they agree that the best Chinese in town currently is Orchid Lounge. Along with Chinese, this restaurant also serves Continental and Indian as well.


  • Café Nomad


A little out-of-the-box and extremely fun, this café serves myriad cuisines, ranging from Moroccan, Mexican, Arabic and Mediterranean. If you want to try out new and interesting things, this is the place to be. The dishes are eclectic and the portion sizes are large. You must try the kebabs and their exotic entrées the likes of Cinnamon Cured Moroccan Tagine when here. It is truly a pleasant surprise to the food palette!