No matter how popular and good looking you are, I guess you should still somehow be mindful of the people you date especially if they are way younger than you. Leonardo DiCaprio on the other hand definitely has a style and is keen on sticking to his standards when it comes to dating younger women.

The actor has continuously been linked to more and more younger women these days. Take Eden Polani for example. This girl is just 19 years old and people are already speculating about her potential relationship with DiCaprio. To be honest, that is kind of disturbing to start with. The older he gets, the younger the women are being linked to him.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Why Don’t You Date Someone Your Own Age?

Is dating women under 25 his ultimate rule? That must have been one of the first things that he asked a woman he was interested in. To be honest, though, a lot of women no matter what age they are, would be very honored to be with him or at least have a date with him, but is it really needed? Does he really have to set that kind of standard? What is the reason behind that though? We will be knowing about that and more here on Don’t Get Serious.

Remember his last relationship? It was with Camila Morrone and they recently broke up just after she turned 25. Camila turned 25 in June and then they eventually broke up in August. Of course, it would have been easy to deny that, but this pattern has been going on for quite a while and that age was pretty common for the girls that she had dated before.

Some of the women that she has dated are Eva Herzigova, Heliana Christensen, Bridget Hall, Kristen Zang, Naomi Campbell, and Amber Valletta. All of them were under 25 years old when they got involved with DiCaprio. I mean, yes, these women were of legal age, but it still kind of seems problematic for other people.

You guys must be curious about how this standard even started. Apparently, a source close to Leonardo had disclosed the reason for this. Leonardo is not looking for a partner who would want to start planning for a family. Obviously, he is not ready for that yet which is why he is choosing to be with women who are under the age where they are thinking about more serious stuff in life.

But doesn’t it seem like Leonardo is just using them? Because he most likely would dump them when they ask for more serious things in life. Besides, what is so wrong with expecting your relationship to be taken to the next level? For sure, a lot of women who had dated him knew what was in it for them, but he must have made his intentions clear. Do you think that this is an appropriate thing to do, or are these women somehow just wasting their time with him? What do you guys think about their setup? Comment your thoughts below.

The source added that Leo does not want a family and does not want to be around women who may press him for that. If she gets too old in a couple of years, she is gone. This somehow sounds wrong. Even though these girls knew Leonardo’s standards, it would not change the fact that they would possibly feel and want more the longer the relationship is going. Doesn’t he care if he will hurt someone else’s feelings by keeping on doing this?

Also, he can find women his age who want the same things as him anyway, so why date women only under 25, right? He must just have some fascination with women at this age. Not all women who are the same age as he want to settle down and have a family. I mean, all the women whom he had dated are beautiful so it is possible that he got used to that and does not want to deal with older women knowing that younger girls are flocking to her.

He is obviously growing older which is why he should stop playing around with these girls. He is just wasting their time spent with him no matter how good of a company he is. The older he gets, the more creepy this scenario gets especially if he is going to keep doing this. Even though Leonardo’s fans are blinded by how this is a red flag, many are always pointing out how wrong this looks. To set the records straight, large age gaps in relationships might be common and do not necessarily mean that it is predatory.

But if a person keeps on doing this and is even being strict in following the rule to only date women under 25 and then breaking up with them once they reach the age of 25. Then that makes it problematic. For sure, misogynistic men would come to his defense, but if you analyze the situation with a much more open mind, then you would realize what kind of problem Leonardo is involving himself in.

He might not talk about this ever but this is likely not just about him not wanting a family, but he possibly just wants someone young just so there would be more possibility that he could control them. Are these things natural for people who are getting old? He probably feels like he is still young and not aging when he is with these women. When is he going to keep this up? We just hope that he becomes more mature and quits playing this game.

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