Agile methodologies are currently being adopted widely across teams cooperatively while expanding across complicated systems. Agile must be modified to accommodate such a framework. Improved services such as higher-quality goods, faster response to inquiries, quicker delivery can only be provided if Agile can be implemented across a whole organization. Are you wondering which Agilist course can open the doors of large job opportunities? How about enrolling in the Leading SAFe® Agilist course? Then have a look at what the course is all about. But before that let’s have a brief understanding of the Scaled Agile Framework.

What is SAFe®?


In a nutshell, SAFe® stands for Scaled Agile Framework. It is a framework that allows Agile teams to carry out large-scale Agile transformations in a seamless form. This transformation begins with the first step, which is, implementing the Lean/Agile concepts and practices throughout an organization.

This should apply at every level in the organization. The primary goal of the SAFe® framework is to provide synchronization to the communication, delivery, and alignment of many agile teams, all at the same time, and to do it seamlessly. This invariably thus leads to business success. The most recently released version of Agile is 5 and with this SAFe® makes several assurances. What takes away the prize for being the most updated version is due to the full-scale corporate agility combined with strategic decisions, leadership efficiency, and enhanced execution.

Why choose SAFe® Agilist?

The SAFe® framework has become a boon for organizations that are looking for adopting agile methodology across various departments including every large team. Applying the agile approach to large organizations with many departments and huge teams is a more difficult task than it is for any small business.

By becoming Safe® Agilists and gaining the Leading SAFe® certification, the leaders can turn out to front-runners of Agile methodology in the organization to transform their teams. Every version of the SAFe® framework includes Lean-Agile leadership as a core competence, emphasizing how critical it is to have Lean-Agile Leadership at the head to successfully deploy SAFe.

What you will learn in the course?

Now that you have comprehended what the SAFe® Agilist course is, here we can guide you through a summary of what exactly you can get to learn from the course.

  • Fundamentals – The basics of SAFe® are formed by understanding how Agile, Lean, and Product Development are used.
  • Principles of Lean-Agile – Recognizing the associated principles and mindset with Lean-Agile and work as a Lean-thinking manager.
  • Efficient Scalability – Understanding how to utilize the Lean-Agile mindset’s ideals to scale the adoption of Lean and Agile in the organization where you work now.
  • Value Maximization – This entails the deployment and integration of values to support many events during program execution.
  • Lean Portfolio – Understanding the Lean Portfolio will assist you in applying Lean-Agile concepts to SAFe® principles.
  • 7 Core Competencies – This course will help you to grasp the seven key competencies in the SAFe® 5 domain and allow you to coordinate large-scale projects in a better way.

So, now that you know how you can enroll in the course, get registered into the Leading SAFe Certification course, and pass the exam with maximum marks.