We Indian women love bangles, don’t we? In India, bangles are given different names such as Kangan, Chudiyan, Valayal, or Valla. Pair up the bangles with 16 gram gold necklace designs for any occasion. In Indian attires, they are worn in pairs with matching jewelry. To flaunt the pride of the bride, they are embellished with heavy gold bangles. Women wear bangles to showcase their tradition and fashion sense. Among all the bangles, gold bangles are one of the most popular bangles which are sold out in the 21st century. One can adorn the bangles during functions and wedding ceremonies. Gold bangles can be gifted to the bride by her parents or mother in law because it is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Women wear beautiful bangles to flaunt their looks or signify that they are married. Here we have listed the latest designs of gold bangles in India:

1) Diamond gold bangles:

There are several designs and styles in diamond gold bangles which you can buy according to your age and choice of fashion. In the bangles, each and every diamond is coated with gold metal. This type of bangles will suit and be perfect in the traditional look. Find diamond gold bangles designs in 20 grams at the best prices online.

2) Kerala Gold Bangle:

If you want to look simple yet dazzling, then these bangles are the right choice. These bangles add glamour to your look and enhance the look of your outfit. Kerala gold bangles are thick and heavily detailed. You can also buy these bangles that are embellished by colorful gemstones.

3) Gold Emerald Bangles:

These classic bangles will give you a modern look. You can wear it with any party wears or with casual clothing. One can shop for gold bangles with emerald gems which will look elegant as well as stylish at any event.

4) Gold Bangles with ruby stones:

You should definitely buy gold bangles with ruby stones which are created with a complex design. Whether it is casual or formal suits, you can wear it for any occasion. These bangles are one of the most unique bangles you can wear on any outfit.

5) Ornate Bride Gold Bangles:

Ornate Bride Gold Bangles are the trendy bangles which can suit women of all age. It also goes with every outfit and gives you a gorgeous look. Any women can wear these lightweight bangles for any occasion.

6) Stone Studded Peacock Gold Bangles:

If you want to add an extra glow to your wrists, then buy these traditional designed stone Studded peacock gold bangles. You can get peacock designs or Kada bangles from the jewelry store and make your look more beautiful. This is one of the most loved designs by Indian women.

7) Green and red enameled gold bangles:

If you are looking for bangles to wear for daily use, then green and red enameled gold bangles are the right choices. It will look traditional as well as trendy for everyday use. This simple yet sophisticated pair will enhance your look with its design.

8) Designer rope offices wear bangles:

Today, Indian women are going for this type of bangles and especially the ones which are made up of gold. If you are a working woman, then you can opt for these stylish bangles. These antique simple bangles have become a huge trend, and the designs won’t look informal for your workplace.