These walls were built to appreciate and exhibit an array of KALA (art) that urges to be seen, heard and felt. KALABAR is the manifestation of raw and rare talent, waiting to be treasured by its patrons.

 KALADRISHTI, the realization of reverie.

For the very first time in the cultural capital of Gujarat, Vadodara, we introduce to you, with great pride, KALABAR. A state of the art display space to showcase unique and the finest talents.

The inception of KALABAR brings with it an unsaid promise to promote and propagate entrepreneurs and artists by providing a space where their work speaks for them, a language that is understood and appreciated by the masses.

Kalabar vadodara

KALABAR, the expression of panache.

It is the brainchild of a young team that profusely aims to promulgate the whole idea of ‘Gen Next’, reaching out to young entrepreneurs and artists to revolutionize the concept of showrooms and galleries in the new millennium to offer a ground breaking opportunity to exhibit their flairs. It envisions a space with abundant talent being escalated to its complete glory. It aspires to applaud the grandeur of all forms of KALA.

KALABAR, commitment to excellence.

It is situated in the heart of the city, which presents it to the prime locality to reach the maximum populace. It’s grand and royal appeal stretches across 175 sq.ft. up to 550 sq.ft, almost paralleling the area of 6 individual galleries. It is a well-equipped gallery with exceptional facilities like mannequins, hangers, tables and chairs, showroom-like display on the main road, adequate and exquisite lighting, and not to forget the royal ambience.

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