Bioluminescence is a Spectacular phenomenon caused by phytoplankton which is a tiny organism whose size is around 0.5 mm. blue light is emitted by this minuscule organism which glows at dark. This blue light is caused by a protein called luciferase which is activated when washed ashore by the phytoplankton.

Spectacular bioluminescence at Maldives which is a very popular tourist spot

bioluminescence beach at maldives

beautiful isn’t it? do you also want to see this view with your own eyes ?

Thi beautiful bioluminescence phenomenon was seen at Juhu beach and is still visible, if you want to witness this scene then hurry up and rush to Juhu with your friends because this is something very rare thing which you find at Juhu beach.

bioluminescence phenomenon at juhu beach

Wherever you will place your feet the surrounding area will start glowing and turn into blue. Now waste no more time and you guys have the address right ? who doesn’t know Juhu beach :p