It happens only in Japan! Every new day comes up with a new weird or bizarre thing made in Japan. From ramen noodle baths to square watermelons, Japan has everything. But this time, an extraordinary culinary recreation will leave you in shock.

‘Onigiri’ is an iconic Japanese snack made using hand-shaped rice balls. But in a recent trend, there has been an unconventional twist to the method of ‘shaping’ onigiri using armpits! According to recent reports, nowadays, young women are preparing the famous Japanese snack using their armpits to shape the onigiri. This bizarre culinary twist has gone viral on social media super soon.

As per an article by a news daily, the process begins after properly disinfecting the body parts of the young chefs. The women then indulge in exercising to produce sweat in their armpits. Then, they use this armpit sweat to knead the onigiri rice balls and mould them to give the needed shape. In fact, the entire process is being openly demonstrated these days by some restaurants allowing customers to visit their kitchens and see it.

Human Sweat-Infused Rice Balls Become A Culinary Hit In Japan, Sold At High Price

What’s even more bizarre is that these armpit-sweat-infused delicacies (pun intended!) are being sold at a higher price. Reportedly, in certain restaurants, these extraordinary onigiris are sold at prices as high as 10 times that of the regular ones.

Foodies from across the world have shown mixed responses to these ‘unique’ sweat-infused armpit-molded onigiris. While certain customers expressed that the concept of these new onigiris is quite ‘intriguing’, some even felt that there was no major difference in the taste. On social media also, people have subjected mixed opinions towards the unconventional method. Internet users are seen debating over the hygiene standards being followed in the approach. Though certain users state that there is ‘no harm in exploring a new culinary technique’, many are skeptical about the potential