A unique attempt by a Gujarati writer, to replicate the world-famous Joe Rogan Podcast – into an Indianized version called Je Baat Podcast

Want to see something cool on the internet? Wait for no further, there is a new Podcast in town that screams of uniqueness. Je Baat Podcast – India Unfiltered is a premier attempt by Jaimeen Baxi at creating a podcast that would act as a platform for hand-picked guests that have a story to share. The Podcast is aimed at nurturing the art of visual listening that is gaining much popularity in the west – and now the east as well!

This article is specifically to promote the Silk Odyssey – an extraordinary journey embarked upon by Mr. Kumar Shah – an avid biker that decided to spend 15 lacs rupees on a bike ride… from… India to United Kingdom (London).

The journey on the fabled Silk Route – is called Silk Odyssey by Mr. Kumar Shah, who has hit a unique benchmark for the global biking community. He rode the entire journey thrice – and eventually is now running the show for a biking club called Ride Your Dreams.

What’s Je Baat about?

Je Baat Podcast

The Podcast has been named after the North Indian slang – Je Baat, which loosely translates to ‘That’s the shit’ in the urbane global English dictionary. To support the podcast, all you have to do is subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Box 1: Unique Goals

Unlike most ventures by the Writer and Host Jaimeen Baxi – this one is to go the hard miles. The targeted number of Podcasts that the writer is planning to do is over 1000. With the first 100 potential guests already locked in.

Only industry leaders, people with unique stories to share (not just celebrities), are all welcomed to the platform.

The Host and Writer also undertake paid Podcast sessions for corporate houses that want to indulge in recreational marketing techniques or unique social media-based marketing techniques.

All About Episode 05

 The Episode 05 of the Je Baat Podcast, has been split into two halves because of the immense and treasured details that the story includes. A journey through Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Russia, can only be riddled with once in a life time experiences. Through the episode, the host and guest dive into the trivial details of the journey as experienced by the daredevil in his 50s – Mr. Kumar Shah.

Ride Along 2022

This episode has been specially curated because Mr. Kumar Shah is looking out for fellow adventurers that are willing to undertake this perilous journey – an adventure that is truly unique, even in the global context. Whether it is a Russian Army officer humming Bollywood Tunes, or a minor hiccup on the Uzbek roads – Mr. Kumar Shah’s story can be respected and appreciated as he is probably the only one who has embarked on this journey, not once, not twice, but thrice!

Box 2: Ride Along with Details

 The following questions will be answered in the Podcast and interested riders will be given a chance to speak to Mr. Kumar Shah directly. Anyone willing to join hands with his charming persona is most welcomed to do so.

  • What’s the budget?
  • Managing the permits and licensing
  • Tour Planning (After all it’s an 80-day journey)
  • Bike repairs and training to ride
  • Answers to all your questions
  • A journey that will put you on the global biking scene

Support The Podcast

With such great ambition, the role of any reader reading this would be to support the initiatives of the Podcast. Je Baat Podcast is set to create a chain of audio-visual podcasts that are ideal for people to watch as they ride, eat, sleep, sit, or even chill. The good thing about podcasts is that one can hear them without having the need to look at the screen (in case you are driving). The only way to show solidarity with such an attempt is to SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel and show some love by SHARING the video to fellow biking enthusiasts, content vampires, or YouTube junkies.

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