Mumbai gets poured by lots and lots of people on a day-to-day basis to make their dreams true. Apart from the dream thing, Mumbai is filled with lots and lots of exciting sightings which makes living in Mumbai more exciting.

One of many is Marine Drive, it is at the end of the city. A place where lands end and the Arabian sea starts. The marine drive came into the limelight due to its beautiful and exotic view of Mumbai’s skyline. It has become quite an attractive place to visit and has now become the proud factor of Mumbai.

interesting facts about marine drive

Let us understand, Why Marine drive has such a charm and some of the lesser-known facts about the Marine Drive.

1) Feel of Miami in Mumbai

Everyone knows Miami and its Miami ocean drive. Therefore if one looks at the Marine drive then the viewer would be able to see a daunting resemblance between Miami ocean drive and Mumbai’s Marine Drive.

interesting facts about marine drive mumbai

2) Marine drive history and origin

Originally the plan was to connect the Nariman point and Malabar hills with the help of Mumbai’s Backbay reclamation project. But after series of failed attempts and faulty plans the project was left out and became presents Marine drive.

marine drive mumbai

3) Property buyers nightmare

The properties constructed on the seaside are naturally expensive and are very hard to maintain, thus in the past, people used to avoid buying properties near Marine drive making it less populated.

But after independence, things gradually started to change a bit and people started admiring the site and view that made them buy the property and Marine drive became the new go-to place or the expensive neighborhood to live in.

4) Tetrapods

Tetrapods are big four-legged concrete structures that are placed in front of the marine drive to reduce the force generated by the waves and prevent the waves from creating massive destruction during high tides.

Tetrapods at marine drive mumbai

5) Soon to be UNESCO site

 Due to its beautiful view and C-type construction, the site is considered to be tagged as a UNESCO Site along with  Mumbai’s fort region, Elephanta caves, and many others.

marine drive mumbai unesco site


 Marine drive is no doubt one of the best places Mumbai has to offer as such it is filled with amazing Seaview and Mumbai skyline alongside it. The place has now become the go-to place to chill out with friends or to have a moment of peace from the exhausting day-to-day life. Enjoy the breeze!