Death is in the way of everyone living on this planet. If you have born you have to leave this planet. No matter how big the enemy or a person is to you, when a person dies it is your responsibility to forgive them because that particular person is no more and keeping hatred for them is wrong. Instead, you should pray that may their soul rest in peace.

Villagers Dig Up Dead Relatives And Dress Them Up In Ritual

Life is uncertain to everyone and it is indeed our duty to say a final goodbye to the dead by following all rituals. The world is big so have thousands of rituals that people follow whether it is celebrating a festival or getting married or doing final rituals for the dead.

Villagers Dig Up Dead Relatives

Located in Indonesia, there is a village named Toraja practices the rituals of the dead in a very different manner. It is a bit scary to that person living in this village actually takes the body out of the grave and dress them up properly. They put up new dresses on the body, they clean the body and also they brush their hair and make them walk in the village.

Villagers Dig Up Dead Relatives in Indonesia

photo with the dead

After all of these rituals are completed they rebury the body in the respective graves with new clothes and everything. It is quite a weird thing to discover that if you explore deeply you can come to know about many such weird rituals that we cannot even imagine.

Ma’nene ritual at Panggala Village dead festival

From this, a lesson is learned that all of our lives are going to end one day and we do not know when that “one day” will knock the door of our life. So, spread as much love as possible, be happy, enjoy each and every moment of your life, don’t get serious on things that are not meant to be taken seriously.