I love my crush, Do you love your’s? Loving someone is a very deep feeling, and if you are one of the lucky ones to fall in love, embrace it. But it’s difficult if the person who you love, does not love you back, or in some cases does not even know that you exist. We all have crushes, probably it can be a person we went to school with, probably someone who’s in our office or just a friend of someone.

i love my crush

Once you fall in love with someone, that person is all you want in the world. Most of the time you end up thinking how can I have this person. There are a million reasons which come to the mind when someone asks me, why I love my crush so much, but I would list down the top 7 reasons here.

1) Your Good Looks

A lot of people say that one should not judge the book by its cover, but the first thing that you see in a guy are his looks, and how attractive he is. Believe it or not, looks are one of the major pointers for me to fall in love with my-crush.

2) Sense of Humor

Having an amazing sense of humor is always a plus point. Who wouldn’t want to fall in love with a person who is constantly cracking jokes and making you laugh. Humor is one of the main reasons why I love my crush so much, because no matter what, he cracks such amazing jokes that you can get never get bored with him.

3) Well Read

For me, my crush should be very well read about worldly topics. Since he knows so much about everything, carrying a conversation in this case becomes way too easy. People think this may not be important but it is actually a great trait and an amazing conversation holder which girls really admire.

4) An amazing dancer

If your crush has a talent which even you’re really fond of, what could be better than that. My crush is a great dancer and every time I see him dancing, there are butterflies in my stomach. And at the moment all you wish for is to dance with them.

5) Great Personality

My crush does not just have a good personality, but amazingly fluent English to go with it, and combining that becomes a lethal combination. Maybe everyone does not agree to this, but having a great personality is actually a very big turn on for most of the people.

6) The Best Smile

The one thing I love about my crush is the way he smiles. It’s just totally breath taking and I would give anything to see that smile every day. It lights up the day and makes the whole thing worth it. And not just that, but how making you smile also makes me happy.

7) You’re my best friend

Being my best friend, I am the most comfortable when I am around you. It’s great to fall in love with your best friend and that is precisely the situation here. The level of comfort and understanding is great between us and this is something I love about my crush.

Having mentioned all the reason of why I love my crush so much, the best way to propose to your crush would be to just go ahead and let them know how you feel. And if they feel the same, they will surely let you know. Just keep in mind that it needs to be subtle so that the current relationship does not get ruined. Doing it face to face would be the best, so we suggest take them out to dinner and pour your heart out.

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